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saying that "The shoelace put away by receiving fall Kon and did not set up the shock that cut, and was kicked from the back by someone momentarily at the time of having tried to kick the ball either".
It was diagnosed, consequence "Torn achilles tendon" that received the inspection in the hospital. It reported on operative during about two o'clock on the 23rd, and it came to be able to act with not the wheel chair on the 25th but crutches receiving now though it was in hospital, and the lapse reported on the fair to the fan.


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It has a meal with men with the talent companion in Tokyo Yasuda Misako(28) this month according to Shi.
It is specified that night was spent by two people while having entered home apartment house with one person (the inside and the man of atmosphere) like joint party afterwards. The belonging office in Yasuda「The confirmation lingua and the man are the common friends in the person in question whom the lover (Shirota) also knows by "Interested one in the woman". It only drank again until the morning. 」With the clarification lingua.


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Similarly, talent's Dalbish Saeko reports on the appearance of "Married woman association" holding with talent's Osawa madder by the blog.

Shaeico that improves photograph of two schott with Osawa. "After all, it was only two people (Osawa and Mr./Ms. I) that gathered. " though I seemed to have wanted to collect more "Married woman".

However, the flower bloomed in woman's girls toque and it rose. "When taking it, the beauty parlor disregarded it ..the next.. ..the voice.." and "Four times" from Osawa It seems to have entered "Random" nature by the crack of the remark about the color of the hair of Shaeico especially.

Shaeico was connected , saying that "Mr./Ms. Osawa had been met after a long time was very sexy" while praising it each other. The renewal contents on June 12, 2009.

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(public entertainments affiliate) "Now, "Divorce" is a start of not the minus but the step-up for the actress. "  The activity after it divorces Yuko Takuchi, Ryoko Hirosue, and Hagem Fujiwara has the remarkable one respectively. A new face starts joining there. It is Noriko Sakai.

It is mother of the boy from whom "Paste Pee" becomes 38 years old and 9 years old, too. The separation report with "The husband goes out of the apartment house in Tokyo, and live in the villa in Chiba Prefecture" has gone out to such Sakai.

「The separation is a run-up to the divorce. Married couple Hanai who has lived apart up to now in spectacle society and returned to origin. The divorce might be definite even if negative at the present stage. It is thought only according to which timing announce now. 」
(public entertainments desk)

It was in 98 years that Sakai announced ..businessmen' Yuichi Takaso (It seemed to be high).. (41) and "".
「It was said at the second generation of the famous skiing shop 'Jiro', "Palanquin of the gem". Mr. Takaso was a professional surfer (The enrollment was none in the league), and Chiba's villa had been patronized at that time, too. Sakai also was going well together, and feeling of happy family. 」(television affiliate)

However, the palanquin of the gem changes radically, and changes dress for the season to gap as soon as Mr. Takaso's shop closes three years ago.
Still, according to married couple's friend, it is Iu , saying that "Wind that was the firm defense of the home".

Then, what there by you on the back side of this "Separation"?A public entertainments professional affiliate explains.

「After all, the husband who had come to have no money was abandoned. It is seen a careful preparation to prepare for after how of the report for the flow divorces. Recently, it is said the type of Niokata Motoi or there are a lot of patterns that expose husband's wrong to the mass communication little by little though it doesn't know. The wife shows the appearance to make an effort on the other hand , saying that "I want to avoid divorcing" for the child. 'Twicer' and the wife ..husband.. are treated as 'Aggrieved party' even if ..consequence.. divorcing. 」

It goes out to Mr. Takaso's fickleness report in part. The seat of Sakai's "Heroine of the tragedy" is determinate.
In addition, when another chair has been reserved, it is Iu.

「Sakai's real actress return story seems to be advanced by the commercial broadcast aiming at the program reedition in autumn. Divorcing, and wanting to feel refreshed ahead of that are Sakai's real intentions. Sakai's appearance after it divorces is ..topicality.. ten minutes, and it is advantageous also in the bureau. 」(commercial broadcast affiliate)


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Techno unit that debuts to segregation doing and Red and White New Year's Music Special of last year
The existence of "Lover" is a rapid floating lingua on the 11th in foundation Ayano "" of Perfume (20).
Weekly photograph magazine "Friday" of the sale reports on "Staying love" with the musician on the 12th.

Vocal guitar of rock band "STRAIGHTENER (stray tenor)"
Horieatsshi (30) was taken and after participation, the scene etc. that visited the apartment house of alone were taken together by several parties.
The belonging office of foundation comments, "It is heard one of the friends with a good relations through music".

- Image: Foundation Ayano "" of Perfume

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It reports that actress who had her name registered with patissier Toshihiko Yoroizuka in February this year Naomi Kawashima holds a ceremony in Italy Toscana on a local time the third, and the honeymoon had been finished by own formula blog.


 It ..entitling.. is reported, "Returned home safely at the honeymoon on Tuesday" in the blog dated the 11th , saying that "Good to be home".

"Ur Ur from time when it walked in the bridal aisle" and the feeling were spelt.


Kawashima talks about obedient pleasure that tightened the god as a woman on "Holding a ceremony was really moving etc. . It has sacred power to make it make to only by preparing it for not work but a true wedding dress to So help me really putting it on" and that day of holding a ceremony. In Ur Ur at time when it walks in the bridal aisle with him. All minds become hot as for the language of the oath, the father's talk, and his language at the ring exchange. It turns around. 


Moreover, it touches about the marriage reception that is scheduled to be held at the hotel in Tokyo on the 23rd, and it is Iu on that day when the wedding cake by Mr. Yoroizuka also behaves.


Source: Http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/confidence/66852/full/


Image: Http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/photo/index.php?n_id=66852&p_id=p00200906110600057001244691188L

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It reported that singer's misono(24) was asleep in the sofa by own blog.
It is Iu if there is too no money for the guarantee to enter the office as a matter of fact by not the commission system but the salaries system though the multitude seems to perform to the variety program recently, and to earn corresponding.


The state "Light and fuel expenses, carrying, food cost, and clothes (Because plain clothes) Giri" though salaries from the office went up a little since May.

Is even the popular person unexpectedly little the income as said, "Revenue of leprosy as well as the white-collar worker" even when the rat senior of the singer who announced one's retirement the other day sells?

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The talent and Yukina Kinoshita that the whereabouts of ardent love with Toshifumi Fujimoto of the comedy duo and FUJIWARA is paid to attention attended the collection of 'Sundae special' opening of TOKYO FM to the public project event held in the ion lake town in Saitama and Koshigaya on the 14th.

Active Kinoshita : as an actress about the co-starring scene of SMAP and Takuya Kimura in TB S system drama 'MR.BRAIN' under appearance. I may be near the face as selfish to See you then ..the hit.., and ..'.. come to like it in the nose?' I do not want must to see. Instinctive Porori.  solvingWhen the voice of "Wisteria lignita Mon (..drinking.. standpoint) was -" and worry from the fan flew, it smiled a wry smile , saying that "Overstated it".


New yukata of ion to which unit and mihimaru GT serve as a pair of campaign character with Kinoshita 'Yukata Magic Party 2009'. Mihimaru GT announced three like CM song "Switch" etc. in the event, and halls that about 4000 people gathered were piled up.

Hiroko of vocal : about memories of summer. Though it went to the person who ..strip.. trows to meet putting on the made yukata for myself because the dress department at the high school. It opened ..terrible.. and the end became regrettable feeling. It was frankly ..Narrator.. comical.


It seems not to be able to be decided yet, Kinoshita who spoke for it to want to take the day off and to go to foreign countries is "Bari or Thailand or Hawaii and Guam ......" in the summer of this year when it is alone. Moreover, the mosquito incense coil is enumerated assuming that it is indispensable in summer. After all, the mosquito incense coil of old shape is good. The shift change was just done from the aroma oil to the mosquito incense coil around last week. With the recommendation. Association with Fujimoto was not especially mentioned to Kimura who co-starred in the drama after all , saying that "Cherish it" though the smile was shown.

The pattern of the event on this day is broadcast by TOKYO FM 'Sundae special' on Sunday, the 21st.


The source is Yukina Kinoshita that announced http://beauty.oricon.co.jp/news/66914/full/yukata appearance.


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Actress's Yoshii (27) and Mao Miyaji (25)
It went in the sale commemoration event of photographic inventory 'S/M Rei Yoshii' and 'S/M MaoMiyaji' in Tokyo and the Fukuya Book Store Shinjuku Subnade shop on June 7.
Television『Egoist?egoist?』It becomes of ..drinking.. co-starring machine, and it is a setting of S and a produced photographic inventory that Yoshii is Miyaji as for M.
Yoshii bound by Miyaji「It occurs terribly Ii. Parentheses Ii Though S/M .... It awoke to M in the photographic inventory. 」。
Miyaji who announced half my hips in the cover「I think that it is Do M. Even work and love. It was opposite and interesting because it was thought that it was caught to send it from me. The cover?Half Kets. (First. )Even Coco was good oppositely though it had been thought whether even Coco was good. It became a photographic inventory with the impact. 」To come, it satisfied it.
About the thing reported to have seen UFO by the blog before「I thought the bullying because it recorded in ....Yahoo.. drinking.. the top at that time. It was shameful. After that, it is made not to write even if it sees. It sees at the pace of about one time at half a year. It saw recently. Orange. It shook up and down, and it disappeared. 」It seems to have seen unidentified flying object again.


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Actress and Masagohagem's Fukuda saki(18) resuming the singer activity after an interval of five months of two years has understood the 11th.
It is appointed to the insertion song of TV Asahi-affiliated starring drama "Housemaid detective" (11.15 after 26 Nissu Tartt and Friday) by "Light to tomorrow" of the sale on August 12, and a climax scene is piled up.

Fukuda who had debuted the singer was concentrating on the acting career by the produce of Takamizawa Toshihiko (55) of THE ALFEE at the end ..the single in March the year before last.. in May, 2005.
However, the recording label is transfered the register to the EMI music and it changes one's mind. It sang up like the adult according to a painful melody to make the popular song in the 80's thought.
The yell enters , saying that "It wants to reflect my individuality in music more than before, and to tell it to a lot of people by oneself".

It is an active service college woman singer, and JYONGRI(20) to pile up "Housemaid detective" by the singing voice with Fukuda. It was written to have after first serial drama Title Song was handled, and the story was heard "..invincibility... " and (sale on August 19). It was also the first to write songs based on the really experience, and revealed it , saying that "One word remark (the delusion, the imagination Ona spit, and lyrics) are some us all".

Fresh Combi discloses the appearance of the life-size through the drama.

The source is http://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/090612/gnj0906120504010-n1.htm.

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What singer Seiko Matsuda (47) who refrained from the 30th debut anniversary next year transfers the register from Sony Music Entertainment to Universal Music has understood the 13th. In Seiko's transfering the register, this time is the third.
The affiliate assumes, "The activity that puts foreign countries to say nothing of the hit in Japan in view is developed" the schedule of the single of the first transfering the register bounce and the album the sale in autumn. As for universal, an overseas important person artist of U2, Mariah Carey, and Bon Jovi belongs, and the network in the world is also wide. The plan to already already put Seiko's work on the market in each country of Europe and America has surfaced in this company.


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New song 'Beautiful' of Kuraki MAI of the sale won 1st place with an Oricon daily chart on the tenth.
The South Korean composer provides the tune directly for a Japanese singer with Sung Yanha as for the composition of this work, and this time becomes the first in the first Oricon daily chart place as for the log lingua.

It is a pop columnist in South Korea and - Cheung Anogeissus acuminata also who is the music critic is own blog, and composer's Yu Anogeissus acuminata gin is ..this news.. ..taking up.. ..".. ..east god.. ..causing.. Iu as for 1st place of a daily chart of Oricon ..single.. though was the log lingua thing.

..Entering to Japan in the field of composition should have been a difficult challenge ..the South Korean singers' advancement to Japan.. though not surprised too much recently".. comment.

The tune of Sung Yanha that overflowed in the emotion and the originality of South Korea continuously met the singing voice that Kuraki Asaginu is beautiful and ..".. brought fantastic results.

Piano..stringed instrument..based on..rhythm..the..inside..South Korea..ballade..sensibility..exquisiteness..intertwine..point.

It was described, It was not imagined that the meaning of the language Yo during "" that had been learnt in the school days was newly found in such a place".

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The formula fan club site is opened at 0:00AM of the 11th when the actress and Aragaki yuireceived the birthday of 21 years old. To the blog undeletion after an interval of just one year after the formula blog is newly established, and it terminates it on the birthday of 20 years old「Moreover, because the place that can be talked with everybody can be done, it is thought that I am glad. It enjoys the Aragaki yui fan club. 」It solves and the comment is drawn.

In a new blog, the comment on the fan is also recordable. The privilege such as reaching of the birthday mail on member's birthday from Gakke is prepared besides not only oneself but also manager's blog can inspect and comment. Additionally, the event and the goods sales, etc. for the download contents and the member are scheduled.

The admission of 'Official Yui of Arakaki members site' is free at 840 yen a month until August 31.

The source is http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/confidence/66827/full/Arakaki Yui.
Http://contents.oricon.co.jp/upimg/news/20090610/66827_200906100548925001244627455c.jpg Arakaki Yui formula http://www.lespros.co.jp/artists/yui_aragaki/
The fan was taken along on the 11th when Aragaki yui received the birthday of 21 years old as an actress and the Bath tour of sightseeing in Tokyo was done.
It boards the wrapping bus that does PR, and bus conductress feelings of second step album "hug" put on the market on the 17th completely. The highest blessing is received from the fan of 21 people invited according to the age. 「It was happy. Hereafter, I want to be going to do in year when a lot of smiles are. 」It solved and Gakkesmail was able to be played.

The cloudy weather in the morning changes radically, and the sky in Tokyo that clears completely in blue. Gakkesmail was able to be played like the Giragira shining sun.
「It cleared up. It was lucky. A random tour, it is ..tension regulator.. high. 」。
Drawing and the illustration of the bear that lowered ..own board first time jacket of album.. ..wanting to do the Corabo.. ..body of "Hug Bath".. dance with Hato Bus. Departure of 21 people chosen by lottery by about 15,000 people and sea breeze parks in Shinagawa Ward Higashiyashio, and commemoration taking a picture in Odaiba kaihin-koen first of all at 2:55PM. The inducement to sands in front of the rainbow bridge.  shake the flag

Arakaki turned into the bus conductress also in the car. When handmade "It does and descend" is distributed, "Play riddles rally" conceived at midnight the day before is held. The mike was set, and it served as the chairperson to the hand, and five questions such as "Place that was able to be smiling even if standing on one's head" (The correct answer is Urawa) were set.
It goes sightseeing continuously in Tokyo Tower in Minatoku Shibakoen. It reaches the belonging record company in Shibuya Ward Jinnan via Warner Music at a restaurant. It performed to the radio programs collected in this shop, and the birthday was celebrated with all fans. The fire of the cake is blown, put out, the painting materials set is presented from the program, and the ends are stoutly handshakes to 21 people. 16 total mileage kilo. The hour of bliss passed until 7:15.
The fan that cannot do participation is good news this time. Basstsar is planned again for those who join the formula fan club site by the purchase of a new album at the July-August.
「About what is talked ..whether do... The barbecue is done in the sea. I do not want must to do "Love Vanna" before the pillow is brought in and it sleeps when you are a girl alone. 」。Gakke to have grown up a little was a fan and Tool again.

Other images : here.
http://www.sanspo.com/geino/images/090612/gnj0906120506012-p2.jpg http://www.sanspo.com/geino/images/090612/gnj0906120506012-p3.jpg http://www.sanspo.com/geino/images/090612/gnj0906120506012-p4.jpg http://www.sanspo.com/geino/images/090612/gnj0906120506012-p5.  jpg http://www.sanspo.com/geino/images/090612/gnj0906120506012-p6.jpg http://www.sanspo.com/geino/images/090612/gnj0906120506012-p7.jpg http://www.sanspo.com/geino/images/090612/gnj0906120506012-p8.jpg http://www.sanspo.com/geino/images/090612/gnj0906120506012-p9.  Arakaki Yui http://www.sanspo.com/geino/images/090612/gnj0906120506012-p1.jpg who expands flag of Bath tour voluntarily designed against the backdrop of ino/news/090612/gnj0906120506012-n1.htm Tokyo Tower and shows smile
The existence of "Lover" is a rapid floating lingua on the 11th in foundation Ayano "" of the Techno unit and Perfume that debuts to the segregation doing and the Red and White New Year's Music Special of last year (20).
Weekly photograph magazine "Friday" of the sale reports on "Staying love" with the musician on the 12th.

Vocal guitar and Horieatsshi (30) of rock band "STRAIGHTENER (stray tenor)" were taken and after participation, the scene etc. that visited the apartment house of alone were taken together by several parties.
The belonging office of foundation comments, "It is heard one of the friends with a good relations through music".

The source is foundation Ayano "" of http://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/090612/gna0906120503000-n1.htm Perfume http://www.sanspo.   com/geino/images/090612/gna0906120503000-p1.jpg STRAIGHTENER.NET http://www.straightener.net/index.php
Notice assignment start of new song "Depression of business is !" of SEAMO with the arrival song.
When this tune is downloaded now, Father's Day Decome is presented as a limited time privilege.
"Depression of business is !" is appointed to the campaign song of the Xbox 360 summer.
This depression of business called one degree in 100 years ..Music it and can be energetic economic recovery song.. has been finished.

Moreover, the shade of meaning of the SEAMO style "Father's Day song" is put in this tune, and the yell is sent to fathers who are holding out when mesne of the depression. When "Depression of business is !" is downloaded in present Recochoc commemorating this, it presents Decometemprat of "Usual thank you for father". Because here is a limited time privilege until Father's Day (June 21), download : to bringing forward.

At present, the cash dispenser release of "Depression of business is !" is undecided.
"MOTHER" being fixed watched as "Mother's Day song" It keeps being loved by the extending fan similar, the new song long, too.

Source: Http://natalie.mu/news/show/id/17337

Image: Http://natalie.mu/media/0906/0607/extra/news_large_seamo_art090607.jpg
YOKO ONO PLASTIC ONO BAND releases iTunes Store notice assignment restrictive mini-album "DON 'T STOP ME" all over the world on June 9 today.
Four including the mix sound source by CORNELIUS is delivered.

The recording of this work is Sear Sound of New York where John Lennon & Yoko Ono's album "Double phantasy" was recorded (old The Hit Factory) and an implementation.
3THE CORNELIUS GROUP as Producer son Sean Lennon ..more than Yuka Honda of the participation Shite descending and the Tibo mat and Keigo Oyamada,, and Shimizu (.. ..the person..) The guest such as Japanese artists and those who ad-lib perform in Manhattan with whom the talent overflows is serving as the band member.

The every one of THE CORNELIUS GROUP by the way will participate in PLASTIC ONO BAND, and having co-starred is a start in Tokyo in January this year live ..doing...
Yoko Ono who liked their performances very much invited three people to New York and recorded.

Yoko Ono who still gives a strong sense of existence to scene of music and art who became 76 years old.
I hear that the release of new album "BETWEEN MY HEAD AND THE SKY" is scheduled following this album in September, and live in Tokyo on the special guest was planned to her in addition in November.

Source: Http://natalie.mu/news/show/id/17411

The photograph is a jacket photograph of sale schedule album "BETWEEN MY HEAD AND THE SKY" this autumn.
It is released from Sean Lennon's label CHIMERA MUSIC.
Image: Http://natalie.mu/media/0906/0609/extra/news_large_YOKOONOPLASTICONOBAND_BETWEENMYHEADANDTHESKY.jpg

PUFFY performs to Fuji Telecasting Co. system "Our music" of broadcasting on Friday, June 12.

This day is broadcast as special "Cutlet" nine dramas a month of this bureau broadcasting.
Masahiro Nakai, Ryuta Sato, and Tatsuya Ueda (KAT-TUN) who is performing to the drama take charge of the toque corner.

PUFFY performs only to a live studio.
"Wedding bell" of the be on the air as the theme song of the drama and "Lee Meist" are announced.

Album "Bring it" in which two performed by the program is collected is released on June 17.
Singer Akina Nakamori's (43) doing live of eight day 12 performance in total in Yokohamashi in August has understood the eighth.
After Tokyo International Forum performs of August, '06, live of Sai : after an interval of three years.
It challenges the famous piece of music of the fork in the 70-80's to say nothing of own hit, and the stage that overflows in an adult mood is unfolded.

Live : in nightclub "Yokohama BLITZ" of Yokohama Minatomirai that rises by "150 anniversaries of opening a port".
It becomes a performance 12 all times during eight days in total from the 21st and the 24th to the 27th from August 18.
The title is "AKINA NAKAMORI Special Live 2009 "Empress at Yokohama"".

"Sai after it becomes in one's forties has continued to say that it is started to say that the concert in the cavernous hall doesn't suit me, and wants to do familiar live that can be opposite from the fan and the front. " according to the affiliate.
Having been planned so is this special live.
Sai is enthusiastic, "I want to express new Akina Nakamori by the style that not is before", having said "It must be also more numerous my fan and a little more in the age on to sing the fork while strumming the guitar".

Sai that also decides to release the album by serial for three months from June through August does Yokohama of the midsummer and "It is hot" is done further. The inquiry is KM music.

Source: Http://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/090609/gnj0906090503006-n1.htm

The jacket image of new album "⊿ (triangle)" of Perfume released on July 8 was open to the public.

The jacket of a restrictive board first time designs in there is carving the metallic plate the figure of a right-angled isosceles triangle that gives the title, crowding, and simply an impact. After "Fan service sweet", the jacket for which person in question's appearance is not used becomes two crop lists as a cash dispenser work.

And, the one that three person Perfume that puts on white clothes is usually enclosed by a triangular mark of the title as for the design of the board. It ..hesitation.. seems it as a fan because of a design quite different from the board first time.

- Source
- Version first time
- Regular version
Present Namie Amuro popular as high school student's fashion leader. First-ever heroic deed of attaining one million sales with best album 'BEST FICTION' at one's teens, one's twenties, one's thirties, and each age was accomplished last year.

Which will on earth tune be the most popular in such Namie Amuro's tune though the location after it debuts in one's teens in the front of the music scene always, and taking pride in immovable popularity are the streets that everybody also knows?

It is 《CAN YOU CELEBRATE?》 . to be chosen as 1st place of "Single tune of loved Namie Amuro".
Year when this tune was put on the market is stripes lingua of the log as for the marriage of Namie Amuro and the overlapping smash hit though it is still famous as a standard tune of the wedding.

There seem to be still a lot of people "After all, it likes this tune". Continuing 2nd place is 《SWEET 19 BLUES》.
At that time, did a lot of 《SWEET 19 BLUES》 that sang feelings to which the near future 20 years old shook have in "Amurar" who was 19 years old also as for the person who was the sing enthusiastically with karaoke??

A recent tune like inside where the tune of the latter half of the 90's such as 《Don't wanna cry》 and 《Body Feels EXIT》 occupies the epistatic, 《60s 70s 80s》 that became a topic by Vidal Sassoon's CM last year, and assistance song 《Baby Don't Cry》, etc. for women understands the rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus Shite descending and Namie Amuro are popular within 10th place exceeding the age and the generation.

Single tune ranking of favorite Namie Amuro

2nd place SWEET 19 BLUES 3rd place Don 'T wanna cry 4th place Body Feels EXIT 5th place Chase the Chance 6th place a walk in the park 7th place  60s 70s 80s 7th place Baby Don' t Cry 9th place You 're my sunshine 10 GIRL TALK
The singer and hitomi(33)'s that gave birth to the girl who became first child last December announcing the maternity nude with a new album jacket has understood the first. Only a top bust is hid by "LOVE LIFE2" of the sale on the 24th, and the line of a full waist and the hip is made demonstrative.

This is ultimate female beauty. In sexy clothes and the singing voice,
Hitomi that has enchanted men of world. The maternity dress was taken off, and the appearance ..one.. not worn. It is exceptional that a Japanese artist challenges though the pregnant woman nude etc. of U.S. actress and Demi Moore (46) got into the news 1991 in foreign countries during the exception.

Hitomi is actor, is Haneda Masayoshi (32), and is on June 30 last year.
The production of this album had already been decided, and it conceived it to leave the pregnant woman appearance called woman's highest beauty in the form of the jacket for the child who was born.

Taking a picture : in the studio in Tokyo exceeding 9 months pregnant in the beginning of December when it rushed into the full‐term.
Own physical condition is stable, and announces the nude of divineness.
And, it safely gave birth to the girl on the 23rd of the same month.

The under of announcement of nude where only top bust is hid by hair in upper-body nakedness in jacket and photographic inventory in album "LOVE LIFE" of sale in 2000, and collections of topics in the past.
The photographic inventory in the same great title as the album is put on the market in simulataneous this time, and the pregnant woman nude is published in that.

Hitomi「Suddenly, though it is thought that there is a person for whom it was surprised, too. There is one Pterygota macrocarpa expressed by the body though it is also so to do the message with Cotoba for me, too. It changes from "GIRL*" to "Woman". 。。
-.  can feel the thing like such "Timing"」It solved and the comment was drawn.

A valuable pregnant woman nude is Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Roppongi, etc. from June 4.
The advertisement board in 17 places in Tokyo is Jac. I hear to do to nail setting fire town goer's eyes.

Source: Hitomi and Jake copy maternity nude
(image)Hitomi that announced maternity nude. Http://www.sanspo.com/geino/images/090602/gnb0906020417001-p1.jpg that more divine, is more beautiful ..silhouette..


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