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sakura Ayumi

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DVD'NU IMAGE' by which gravure idol's sakura Ayumi becomes the fourth totaling piece on April 24 is released.

H cup of the bust 100cm is cherry blossoms Ayumi of sales in the height of 149cm.
In latest DVD, a threshold very limit schott of a plump body of the boast being about to burst is shown.

Basically, the breast that was her one's most charming feature was stressed.
A lot of scenes are put, and the scene to which the breast of being about to overflow from sexy clothes of undergarment in the bikini shakes is a viewpoint.

The scene that cannot be overlooked. do not become it the uniform appearance in the beach moreover
This is suitable for Rorifeis, and the scene where cherry blossoms of the edge glasses take off clothes is indescribably painful.

Moreover, a too obscene make the breast dirty by the one that seems to be the chocolate scene also : in the scene that places the popsicle between the intermammary sulcus.
The T-back appearance etc. are collected to the scene bound to red wool and the scene in the bathroom.

The event that commemorates the sale of this DVD is held in the Sofmap music cash dispenser pavilion (15:00-) in Tokyo and Akihabara on May 9.


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