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Akira Fukuzawa

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Free ana- and Akira Fukuzawa (45) seem to be being deserted quite by Tsuki.
Report program "Truth report Bankisha" of Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated from which discontinuance of program doesn't seem to be avoided by president's resignation to take responsibility (6:00PM of Sunday).

It becomes regular program of the fourth times discontinuance while it is not filled in four years after it freely converts it on 30 days June, 2005 if the program ends for Fukuzawa who serves as the caster.

Stinginess's beginning to adhere is information program "Ring Buddy. " of TBS of the start in April, '06 when it served as the first regular chairperson after it freely converts it.
The program will end in four months because the health injury went out to the viewer the introduced navy bean dieting.

Post-program「Man. It is good in this. 」To the trouble in broadcasting in February, '07 again though .... consecutive pitching as it is. When the theme how the sound of high frequency not heard affects the human body is taken up in the auris, paper is cited without writer's license. After all, the program ended in the same month.

"Right on!" of TBS that serves as the overall host (moon-11-AM money) ends fully for the cost reduction this month now, too.

Coverage that tapped the voice of Progolfar and Ishikawa while playing became a problem in June, '07, and Fukuzawa was apologizing for this program because it threw tears, "Feel responsibility as an integrated chairperson".

Ex-president Shintaro Kubo who resigns : about "Bankisha" , saying that "Discuss it under the new administration" though took care not to commit oneself about discontinuance. 「There cannot be continuing because the top of the bureau resigned. Direction that changes completely taking the opportunity of reedition in spring」(program affiliate)It is seen.  

Does the thorny path of the scandal of "Bankisha" still lead to Fukuzawa's belonging office , saying that "Do not comment though it discusses with the producer" though it refrained from saying?


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