Rei Kikukawaの最近のブログ記事

Yon'a (23) of actress's Rei Kikukawa (31), Mari Natsuki (57), and fashion magazine "Oggi" exclusive models attended the 250th anniversary of British brand Wedgwood who had been done in Tokyo party on the 21st.

This company agreement artist Natsuki plays the role of host, and Kikugawa appears gracefully in luxury car Bentrey in this country.
"A sensorium stripes lingua of Meuse (goddess). " in the evening dress that drifts adult amorousness from the breast.
The tea cup made of this company : even the bachelorhood in the aspect bought by the set. 「To pull article for sale in the future?It is wonderful. 」With a smile.  
After it holds a ceremony with the South Korean man on the 25th of last month, Yon'a is the first, public place. The newly-married life ..question.. was answered promptly by the smile of the whole face, "It is happy".


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