Techno unit that debuts to segregation doing and Red and White New Year's Music Special of last year
The existence of "Lover" is a rapid floating lingua on the 11th in foundation Ayano "" of Perfume (20).
Weekly photograph magazine "Friday" of the sale reports on "Staying love" with the musician on the 12th.

Vocal guitar of rock band "STRAIGHTENER (stray tenor)"
Horieatsshi (30) was taken and after participation, the scene etc. that visited the apartment house of alone were taken together by several parties.
The belonging office of foundation comments, "It is heard one of the friends with a good relations through music".

- Image: Foundation Ayano "" of Perfume

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
The jacket image of new album "⊿ (triangle)" of Perfume released on July 8 was open to the public.

The jacket of a restrictive board first time designs in there is carving the metallic plate the figure of a right-angled isosceles triangle that gives the title, crowding, and simply an impact. After "Fan service sweet", the jacket for which person in question's appearance is not used becomes two crop lists as a cash dispenser work.

And, the one that three person Perfume that puts on white clothes is usually enclosed by a triangular mark of the title as for the design of the board. It ..hesitation.. seems it as a fan because of a design quite different from the board first time.

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- Version first time
- Regular version



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