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The gravure field of which J cup and K cup have gone out recently though had said before the person erstwhile fore buttocks in the F-G cup. The Matsuzaka minami Mr. of "Super" gravure idol in L cup to which it goes ahead of that puts DVD 'L-cup 115' (The sale: spice visual/3990 yen) on the market. The commemoration event was held in the Sofmap amusement pavilion in Akihabara on the 22nd.
 The size of the breast is 115cm of astonishment as it is though the DVD title. And, beautiful that is only greatly transparent of the blood vessel. TV Asahi "Q" is already started by the impact, it is taken up in each gravure magazine etc. , and no mean topic. Actually, the fan of a full hall crowded this event. The image of DVD put on the market is the one taken in Bali last October. It challenges an Rito scene that lives and is too bold that hides the breast only with the belt of the suspender, and conceals it only by the hand and the petal. It is Iu for the finish , saying that "Think the exposure to be beautiful feeling though it held out considerably". I hear that the aroma oil is painted on the body and the scene of the braiding tights with ..a few.. image was the most favorite. Almost the same size already existed when it was a high school student when the L cup was heard in detail. Surroundings..often..see..natural..packed train..bra..come off..laugh..)..that time..memories..story..reveal.There seems often to be a happening that carelessly puts out Hami after it comes to do the work of gravure, too. Melting splendid is the difference none in being going to be paid attention in the future. I will attempt advancement to gravure more with this L cup as the weapon this year. As for the character where the atmosphere of healing drifts, I want you to feel it by Movie for a moment.

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