Yuko Oguraの最近のブログ記事

The glaze is not learnt by experience and it becomes familiar by the pet name, and TV personality Yuko Ogura wins the desire this and that while exchanging the anxiety of love by the blog.

The commensal in three acquaintances on the renewal lingua May 21, 2009 ..the blog...
In "Love toque always" between meals, it rose by such feeling.

「When 'It is scared to scare damaged, and to trust it' is said, Anyway..damage..damage..trust..Yumi..say.」

It is that it doesn't limit to love and the person is lonely that it is unbelievable. When it is done only to do, it doesn't regret. ――It is being written.  Or, the love in the future is spelt so.

「This time..love..lingua..how..love..ideal..reality..see..surely..prince..Mr...marking gauge..do..nothing but..pure..each other..favorite..sympathize..person.」

However, Kokura in the love toque when becoming negative at once.


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