The singer and hitomi(33)'s that gave birth to the girl who became first child last December announcing the maternity nude with a new album jacket has understood the first. Only a top bust is hid by "LOVE LIFE2" of the sale on the 24th, and the line of a full waist and the hip is made demonstrative.

This is ultimate female beauty. In sexy clothes and the singing voice,
Hitomi that has enchanted men of world. The maternity dress was taken off, and the appearance ..one.. not worn. It is exceptional that a Japanese artist challenges though the pregnant woman nude etc. of U.S. actress and Demi Moore (46) got into the news 1991 in foreign countries during the exception.

Hitomi is actor, is Haneda Masayoshi (32), and is on June 30 last year.
The production of this album had already been decided, and it conceived it to leave the pregnant woman appearance called woman's highest beauty in the form of the jacket for the child who was born.

Taking a picture : in the studio in Tokyo exceeding 9 months pregnant in the beginning of December when it rushed into the full‐term.
Own physical condition is stable, and announces the nude of divineness.
And, it safely gave birth to the girl on the 23rd of the same month.

The under of announcement of nude where only top bust is hid by hair in upper-body nakedness in jacket and photographic inventory in album "LOVE LIFE" of sale in 2000, and collections of topics in the past.
The photographic inventory in the same great title as the album is put on the market in simulataneous this time, and the pregnant woman nude is published in that.

Hitomi「Suddenly, though it is thought that there is a person for whom it was surprised, too. There is one Pterygota macrocarpa expressed by the body though it is also so to do the message with Cotoba for me, too. It changes from "GIRL*" to "Woman". 。。
-.  can feel the thing like such "Timing"」It solved and the comment was drawn.

A valuable pregnant woman nude is Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Roppongi, etc. from June 4.
The advertisement board in 17 places in Tokyo is Jac. I hear to do to nail setting fire town goer's eyes.

Source: Hitomi and Jake copy maternity nude
(image)Hitomi that announced maternity nude. Http://www.sanspo.com/geino/images/090602/gnb0906020417001-p1.jpg that more divine, is more beautiful ..silhouette..



前のカテゴリはAyumi Hamasakiです。

次のカテゴリはKuraki MAIです。