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Minako Nakano

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Debut tune "Thirty of" of girl ana- unit "Early Morning" of Minako Nakano (29) of Fuji Telecasting Co. and Takashima Irod (30) is an Oricon single chart dated May 11 and a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus in 12th place.
The log lingua of the order of successive the highest in the single that the announcer released in the past.

The verification lingua, and it is, and the Wisteria lignita is Mali Nin in "Favorite girl ana- ranking" executed here and there again of popular of Nakano as epistatic habitue's Takashima.

However, Nakano is Iu if it cannot be obediently pleased. Information program "Dane Tokuno" selected by the main caster on March 30 in the morning, and the head is full.

Nakano in "Dane Tokuno" is overwhelmed by Kokura chairperson Tomoaki, and "Ornament" state that can hardly be talked continues. A attentive comment cannot be often done even if the topic is shaken from Kokura, and the expression is hard day by day.

The stress ..doing and Nakano of assessing former Kyoko Sasaki high and seeing Nakano severely.. seems to build up and ..".. ..Kokura.. to eat the cake by the 11-deoxycorticosterone acetate. A lot of Nakano effects are a change big till then and exist also as for the audience rating in Ate Kon with on the day when it doesn't reach two digits.

(television affiliate) There is a voice to doubt the Nakano popularity in the bureau, too" Nakano was serving as the caster till then with Takashima by information program "Sitting goodness or more television" in the morning. However, it is one Iu standing in case of being ahead as for 30 years old of the punctuation.

「Nakano was seen as existence of the Aya bread to the end no matter how the audience rating of 'Remarkably' was good. Therefore, 'Dane Tokuno' was decided and Nakano was enthusiastic. The unit of troubled in the 'Dane Tokuno', and Aya bread gets into the news. Nakano is complex. 」(affiliate of the former rising)

When will the smile return to Nakano?


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