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Announcer Mariko (30) of Oe of Television Tokyo Channel 12 Ltd. performs to pop promo (PV) of new song "Youth bus conductress" of the sale by the bus conductress post on June 3 of idol group "Berryz atelier".

In Television Tokyo Channel 12 Ltd. that broadcast animated cartoon "Inazmairebn" whose this tune that expressed schoolboy's Ama tile feelings who has made love to the bus conductress of the school excursion is an ending theme, the Oe ana- to boast of full popularity was chosen.

The Oe ana- of the process variable first appearance : , saying that "I want to enter when poriferous" though it can shine.
It ..".. became good memories as announcer's affairs because it was not thought that it was not possible to do quite.

It will be boasted, 'The mama will have gone out to idol's music video' when being marry in the future and having a visit from the stork. "

Queen world and Kim Jonah (18) of figure skating performing to Fuji Telecasting Co. system "Gutannubo" of broadcasting (11.0 after Wednesday) on the 27th has understood the 17th.
It is the first time to appear in the variety program of Japan. It collects recently with Kyoko Uchida (32) et al. in local South Korea and Seoul, and the deployment of smooth "Girls toque".
It was mentioned about the rival in Japan, "(Asada) I today am not if there was no Mao".

Collection : in a high-level coffee shop in the southern part of Seoul and Konan Ward. It married soccer South Korea Motoyohyou MF (present J2 Kusatsu belonging) and Choi Sung-Yong (Choi Sung-Yong =33) in Jonah, Uchida, and 03, and good talent and 3 Mihoko Abe (33) concentrated Hangul.
When the topic of food and the fashion is drawn out in the shape that Abe interprets, the girls toque is gradually active "The talk show is the first time" and first though it is Jonah who was the turgescence feeling.

A complete defense was necessary, and "So at the date" and the astonishment remark shot out , saying that "It stuck one's cap on one's head and the face mask was done" when going out. When asking, Abe is "Date it", Kyoton , saying that "Is it man and is it woman's?". It seems to be expressed, "Date" when going to play by best friend's woman, and is a disposition of the case in South Korea.
However, keen worry only about the big star also : , saying that "I am good only in a day if suitable, and want to walk to the ordinary in the town with the friend with no one knows me".
"Poor" and Jonah is ..two person.. when sympathizing , saying that "I also feel sorry" as for joke Na.

The source is expression Kim Jonah (center) different from the http://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/090518/gnj0905180504009-n1.htm on the ice who relaxed. Http://www.ktv.co.jp/gn ..../short run http://www.sanspo.com/geino/images/090518/gnj0905180504009-p1.jpg Kansai Telecasting Corporation "Gutannubo" Kyoko Uchida and Mihoko Abe from the rear left as for "Matte Ii-" ..arrangement of voice..

The sandwich man

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「Dane Tokuno. Happy news even if it twines and , is taken――」。
Caster Tomoaki of Kokura whom the language "Happiness" doesn't suit anyhow shows the smile only of the jump.

Will be Italy comedy duo and sandwich man marriage to program reporter Maiko Kumagaya.

The sandwich man wins the championship in the M-1 grand prix in 2007.
At that occasion, Kumagaya is Dane Tokuno. Drinking and having gone with To material were the edges of meeting.

When the cold water of the Ogra style was poured, the ana- of Nobusuke Kasai is Iu in Kumagaya , saying that "This is bad [not good] in honesty and ups and downs excitement Shiika et al. and the future". However, it doesn't move in the person in question round.

On the contrary, when "Even if it is private, it is always interesting" etc. and talk about their love affair Banashi are made to be heard from a Morimoto clear ana- without reservation, it is Iu.

Meeting two person, and being Kokura that has been often observed kasais last week comments.
「Nice-looking couple. The lower layer can have been also long, and it hold out. 」It stressed it.  


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