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"Former Morning Musume" and the potato digging tour where it goes Fullness 2010/7/28 even for 65,000 yen on the second a night stay 20:01.

Mr. Asami Konno (23) of former "Morning daughter" and the fan club event of Mr. (22) brook Cot are topics.
The one of going to "Potato digging" by the Bath tour, and the price is 65,000 yen in September, 2010 for two days of one night stay. When application pours in by power that exceeds a super-high bur and the offering number of men compared with the natural tour, it is Iu.

The tour entitled "Asami Konno and brook Cotono Matsri tour", and the schedule is two a night stay from September 11 to the 12th.
Belonging office "Up-front agency" etc. of two people planned.

Being able to apply is Mr./Ms. Konno and Mr. brook. 「Morning daughter. Graduate」Member only of fan club "M-line club".  drinkingThe event such as "Three schott photo session" in which the photograph can be taken with a live mini and two people besides the potato digging that becomes a main is prepared.

The attendee is toward the area getting on the bus from Tokyo, Nagoya, and Shin-Ohsaka on the morning, September 11, and is 65,800 yen from 64,800 yen and Shin-Ohsaka from Tokyo and Nagoya though the destination is not clarified. When the reason for the destination is that fans other than secret treatment, the dissemination lingua situation, and the member of the tour might pour in, Iu according to the travel agency that planned.

Therefore, it is as "Shizuoka district accord hotel" about accommodations. "One room every five people" Sharing the room is basic by sex, and it is setting Hanai named one room a person.
However, when the travel agency considers it to become it with the friend and the acquaintance, allocating rooms of sharing the room is Iu. When one room every two people and one room every four people, etc. are requested, the additional charge from 2000 to 8000 yen is generated.
Judging from the natural sense, 65,000 yen are strong in the domestic potato digging Bath tour on the second a night stay. In the net, this tour had gotten into the news since the end of July, and writing "It was too high and Warota" and "Was 60,000 paid and 1 room every five people?" was drawn.

"Applied for the tour. ""Life enjoyment soundly"

However, it seems to be unrelated for the fan. Especially, it is a morning daughter as for Mr./Ms. Konno. It is reported that it drinks and it is not only a main force member, and it is decided informally to join Television Tokyo Channel 12 Ltd. from 2011 Toshiharu as a girl ana-.
In the net, it is seen, and writing "And Konno has ability to pull in more customers. " , "Application enjoyment w soundly by one's best", and "It is elected ..the application for the tour.." not is ..good.... is seen when becoming the last Bath tour this time with the fan.

The application deadline is July 30. When 150 people who are the offering number of men are expected to be exceeded as at 28, it is Iu according to the travel agency.
It becomes a lottery for the application multitude. Moreover, it is assumed that the appearance of this tour might be scheduled to be put on the market as DVD, and member of the tour's image be used.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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