Risa Hondaの最近のブログ記事

Active Risa Honda finally appears as a singer debut and an idol in 1988.
Risa Honda who gets into the news the 90's May 25, when 'Supreme (Supreme)' is put on the market from popular label "R30sexy" of GP museum software semi nude photo collection

No Kotono compared unfavorably even if the woman who has the skill of the first grade compares it in the Karate of the special skill in the idol age is her who became announcing least openhearted without remaining as for the strengthened body ・・・ Acquisition is a bust that seems to begin to be seen and provocation as for a close undergarment and a minimum bikini.
Empty-handed and a semi-nude are announced.
Serial of whole volume and the best senses scene. A new charm of the woman who increases come-hither of Onna fully :.
This title insertion song "Supreme" that she sings is Ki.

【 event information ]
- The date: May 24(Sunday)
- Place..Akihabara..Sofmap..amusement..pavilion.
- The contents: Toque & handshake association is photo session.

【 Risa Honda () profile ]
- From May, 1971 ..Oita Prefecture ..birth on the 27th....
- Blood type: B type
- Size: Height 154cm and B80 W60 H82 cm
- Hobby: Killing formation, action, and Karate
- Special skill: Drive, knitting, and personal computer

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