Fuji Telecasting Co.の最近のブログ記事

Fuji Telecasting Co.

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The photograph of four new figure announcers of Fuji Telecasting Co. appeared in "This week's FACE" of this bureau site "Announcement magazine" (May 11, 2009).

Four people have not been published in the announcer introduction column of Fuji Telecasting Co. yet.
Four ..the ana- of Mio Matsumura and Akiko Yamanaka ana-s.. people obtain automotive young leaves work respectively and it is reflected in the photograph with general manager Masayuki Sakai.


このページには、過去に書かれたブログ記事のうちFuji Telecasting Co.カテゴリに属しているものが含まれています。

次のカテゴリはKyoko Sasakiです。