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Present Namie Amuro popular as high school student's fashion leader. First-ever heroic deed of attaining one million sales with best album 'BEST FICTION' at one's teens, one's twenties, one's thirties, and each age was accomplished last year.

Which will on earth tune be the most popular in such Namie Amuro's tune though the location after it debuts in one's teens in the front of the music scene always, and taking pride in immovable popularity are the streets that everybody also knows?

It is 《CAN YOU CELEBRATE?》 . to be chosen as 1st place of "Single tune of loved Namie Amuro".
Year when this tune was put on the market is stripes lingua of the log as for the marriage of Namie Amuro and the overlapping smash hit though it is still famous as a standard tune of the wedding.

There seem to be still a lot of people "After all, it likes this tune". Continuing 2nd place is 《SWEET 19 BLUES》.
At that time, did a lot of 《SWEET 19 BLUES》 that sang feelings to which the near future 20 years old shook have in "Amurar" who was 19 years old also as for the person who was the sing enthusiastically with karaoke??

A recent tune like inside where the tune of the latter half of the 90's such as 《Don't wanna cry》 and 《Body Feels EXIT》 occupies the epistatic, 《60s 70s 80s》 that became a topic by Vidal Sassoon's CM last year, and assistance song 《Baby Don't Cry》, etc. for women understands the rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus Shite descending and Namie Amuro are popular within 10th place exceeding the age and the generation.

Single tune ranking of favorite Namie Amuro

2nd place SWEET 19 BLUES 3rd place Don 'T wanna cry 4th place Body Feels EXIT 5th place Chase the Chance 6th place a walk in the park 7th place  60s 70s 80s 7th place Baby Don' t Cry 9th place You 're my sunshine 10 GIRL TALK
Who is the fashion leader of the yearning really for a high school girl sensitive to dressing up and the fashion?

Then, 【 Namie Amuro ] of the consequence and the singer to whom Oricon had done the questionnaire survey of 'Female celebrity who thought that the fashion leader' for active service's high school girl was chosen as 1st place.
It is nailed down in the fashion of the woman who serves as the model in by the side and the fashion magazine etc. of the music activity and seems to nailed down to high school girls' eyes.

【 Namie Amuro ]Opinions such as "The item of the fashion has been acquired with clothes when the music video and the television performs" (saitama prefecture) and "Unique clothes are Cawaied and are turned over and digested in" (Kanagawa Prefecture) seem to be sent, and there to be a lot of high school girls who imitate the style of Azuchi to which the fashion of the leading edge is always taken though it has sticking to.

2nd place is talent's 【 Becky ]"Anything can be dressed from a little original clothes to ..Pretty... " (Ishikawa Prefecture). 「Colorful coloring is very matte Ii. It is a teacher for me. 」(Hokkaido)Becky's dressing where the originality overflowed was sent and the opinion of "My fashion was established and respected" (Ishikawa Prefecture) and the yearning was sent popularly.

In continuing 3rd place, actress's 【 Caoricaoririna ] is a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus.
Caoricaoririna to which it served as an exclusive model of fashion magazine 'Ray' was "Good clothes and the matte Ii clothes of parentheses were suited" (Hyogo Prefecture), "Any clothes were ..parentheses.. good and wore, and Mane because it suited very much" (Nagasaki Prefecture), a high reputation titer, and the opinion "The fashion is thought that this person was making it" (Fukuoka Prefecture) reached from the goodness of the sense, too.

Because all clothes of the 1st place Namie Amuro parentheses Ii system and clothes of the matte Ii system are dressed wonderfully. (Tokyo)
Because the element of the matte Ii clothes and the fashion has been taken little by little by the 2nd place Becky season. (Nagasaki Prefecture)
It dresses perfectly and it yearns for the matte Ii clothes with the 3rd place Caoricaoririna magazine. (Gifu Prefecture)
It is to eternal Ayumi 4th place Hamasaki and there is an impact in clothes fashionable. (Tokyo)
It doesn't change even if becoming a 5th place Eki wing mama and it is matte Ii. Anything is suited and the sense is preeminent. (aichi prefecture)

Releasing it is a decision in March as for long-awaited new single "WILD/Dr.".  log lingua Namie Amuro the smash hit that exceeds 1.7 million album 'BEST FICTION'

the second "Dr." (doctor)It becomes the third bounce CM campaign song of the "Fashion×Music×Vidal Sassoon" campaign to cause a lot of topics, and be on the air in the whole country with the chapter of new CM of "Bourgeois gorgeousness" of the Azuchi appearance since January 23.
In CM, there is a scene of taking a bath in the palace where Azuchi is bourgeois, and this seems to be generated, too.

"Dr." (doctor) is a blockbuster of a mixture grand lingua as for the opera part, Electro that makes the ballet music "Bolero" a material suitably to "Bourgeois gorgeousness" that is campaign theme, Techno, and R&B, etc.
Both CM and music are checks necessary.

"Coca-Cola 0× Namie Amuro" Strong Corabo is decision.

Brand "Coca-Cola 0" that keeps growing up after it puts it on the market as "Only "Coca-Cola" beverage to be able to enjoy special delicious with sugar 0".
Namie Amuro is a decision in the image character of Niihirococ campaign "WILD HEALTH" to start in 2009.
'Wild training' chapter new TV-CM does the telecast start in the whole country on Wednesday, February 11.

In 'Wild training' chapter new TV-CM that telecast starts on Wednesday, February 11, "Charm" dance is performed because of Namie Amuro. In addition, CM music is a new song put on the market on March 18 "WILD". The attention of wild lyrics suitable for the expression of the outlook on the world of TV-CM from which "WILD HEALTH" that is the concept of the new campaign is made an image and her charm and danceable rhythms.


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