September 2009アーカイブ

Sakura Maya arrive at local and Asakusa by caravan car "Maya and title".
The smile during summer vacation that was busier than anyone , saying that "The spotlight has sunburnt so much by the day externals".
The local dish of the whole country is a skilled lingua appearance , saying that "It ate the abalone and the mushroom in Iwate and it was happy to grill the calositas in Osaka and to eat".

The loved snapping turtle dish is overjoyed in previous though the event was discontinued because of unfortunate rain this day.
Debut tune "Fine haul festival" was put on the market by the DVD assistant on September 2, and "Toast. " in Mitsuyo Asaka (78) who rushed to assistance and snapping turtle's bloods

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Image: Sakura Maya who floats smile with caravan car that turns round the whole country

'Sakura Maya' formula of enka girl homepage

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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