Rie Miyazawaの最近のブログ記事

Actress in the pregnancy Rie Miyazawa's (36) marrying former professional surfer of the U.S. Hawaii living in April, and having given birth to the girl who becomes first child have understood the 22nd.

It gives birth in the hospital in Tokyo according to the affiliate on the 20th. It is almost healthy in both mother and child in the scheduled date street.
At the time of reporting on a long-awaited baby birth to very intimate friends.
The belonging office is assumed to be "It is not possible to comment because there is no person in charge".
Rie reports on pleasure to mass communications with the facsimile , saying that "The baby also who was my big dream was received" responding to clarified of "6 months pregnant & marriage" on February 13 by the this paper report. We wish to express our gratitude for "In the piling of every day feeling pleasure and puzzled to times how many with a small life of six months, the energy of the people who support it is Aruka et al." and surroundings.

It holds a ceremony in Tokyo on April 2, and the marriage report is fil afterwards.

The source is http://www.sponichi.co.jp/entertainment/news/2009/05/23/02.html. 


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