Yuu Yamadaの最近のブログ記事

Actress and Yuu Yamada (24) were done in Tokyo and Yurakuchou Mullion on the 21st the Japan premiere with the fashion show of U.S. movie "..purchase one poisoning.. Watashi" (opened to the public on the 30th) that served as an advertising stylist.

Yamada served as clothes in the play, and the styling of the model of six people was handled, and it served as the model to the motif voluntarily.
Masaru is "It becomes a reducing stress, and clothes are loved in above all. " though shopping is loved and the story to which the hero immediately before the bankruptcy grips happiness by work and love.
It was made to laugh, "Everyone, please always give to me when you gave it" though actor, Ogrijun (26), and questioning with "Does it want the ring of the ring finger?" because it was associating flew.



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