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Nobuko Miyazaki

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Fleet Clive "Another ana-" in which seven announcer Nobuko Miyazaki (29) of Nippon Television Network et al. perform is done in a Shimo-Kitazawa station in Tokyo and Setagaya previous theater on the 20th.
Seven announcers Fretorc it to live this the self-experience story, the hobby, and moving memories and one person traditional comic story telling, etc. besides a usual television at the time limit of ten minutes.

When the image change is attempted in loudness with a .."Escape fool declaration".. heart-warming toque, it is Iu in the television though a foolish character completely is a Miyazaki ana- that is established. Moreover, fat Migimatsu Kenta ana- (30) of the excitement is scheduled to announce the episode etc. of dieting for live that day compared with joining a company.

Besides, Daisuke Sugaya (37), Caske (30), Satoshi Kamishige (29), Genta Aoki (26), and Koga proton (27) ana-s perform.

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