October 2009アーカイブ

  that defendant Noriko Sakai prosecuted for the crime of the Stimulants Control Law breach owned on the 28th.

It was supposed to have asked the vendor of transportation this time, and two-ton track of Tokorozawa Nambour appeared though the rent-a-car last time.

The luggage in the afternoon is a shelf etc. made of the stainless steel from which it ..dicker.. is decomposed that fiberboard double walls are 14 boxes, and braiding Komino baskets though seems to have carried out once in the morning.

It seemed that there was one meter or more, and there were a lot of goods where the life feeling was felt compared with last time like the one like the doll of a big yellow space alien type to stand out.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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