Mitsui Mayuの最近のブログ記事

In this DVD taken a picture of in Okinawa in January, a lot of smiles of Mitsui are collected. Mitsui , saying that "It did not stretch oneself at the end in one's teens this time and I of the life-size was put out though there were up to now a lot of sexy works". Moreover, it is Iu this time when it challenged the scene of acting for the first time. In the scene of confessing while crying in last「It was not possible to act laughingly because the manager dozed on the side and it had begun to snore though it tried to put feelings immediately before the real thing. ) because it is however tidy in the real thing ..the hope of you seeing.. ..(.. ..laugh..」It solved and it talked with a smile. Another「Because the scene to be cute a pink bathing suit, billiard is decided well, I want you to see by all means. , ..encounter.. the truth is ..(.. ..laughter... ) though is good at edit and tiesBecause I cannot play billiards」
It took and PR was done.

Though Mitsui that faces 20 years old in October「Hereafter, I want to advance toward acting more. I want to perform the boy dumping post that the Carcar remark cracks to the girl. 」It solved and the volition was shown. The appearance musical 'Cocos mile 6' performs in August. Eyes were made to sparkle , saying that "One's best throw to the musical in the summer of the end in one's teens".




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