It was announced that SPEED that had been formed again last August did a nationwide tour after an interval of six years this autumn the 21st. Mobilization schedule of 100,000 people by ten city 16 performances. After it forms again, the premiere ticket making is inevitable only in the first.

The best board after an interval of nine years is put on the market on August 5 in the anniversary of the debut.
The request of persons in question "I want to produce the expressible outlook on the world only still", and "Body&Soul" "White Love" etc. are new Roku. Hiroko Shimabuku (25) is speaking "Come to play by all means" and Eriko Imai (25), "It looks forward to meeting your smile".

The source is http://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/090522/gnj0905220503011-n1.htm.