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Who is the fashion leader of the yearning really for a high school girl sensitive to dressing up and the fashion?

Then, 【 Namie Amuro ] of the consequence and the singer to whom Oricon had done the questionnaire survey of 'Female celebrity who thought that the fashion leader' for active service's high school girl was chosen as 1st place.
It is nailed down in the fashion of the woman who serves as the model in by the side and the fashion magazine etc. of the music activity and seems to nailed down to high school girls' eyes.

【 Namie Amuro ]Opinions such as "The item of the fashion has been acquired with clothes when the music video and the television performs" (saitama prefecture) and "Unique clothes are Cawaied and are turned over and digested in" (Kanagawa Prefecture) seem to be sent, and there to be a lot of high school girls who imitate the style of Azuchi to which the fashion of the leading edge is always taken though it has sticking to.

2nd place is talent's 【 Becky ]"Anything can be dressed from a little original clothes to ..Pretty... " (Ishikawa Prefecture). 「Colorful coloring is very matte Ii. It is a teacher for me. 」(Hokkaido)Becky's dressing where the originality overflowed was sent and the opinion of "My fashion was established and respected" (Ishikawa Prefecture) and the yearning was sent popularly.

In continuing 3rd place, actress's 【 Caoricaoririna ] is a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus.
Caoricaoririna to which it served as an exclusive model of fashion magazine 'Ray' was "Good clothes and the matte Ii clothes of parentheses were suited" (Hyogo Prefecture), "Any clothes were ..parentheses.. good and wore, and Mane because it suited very much" (Nagasaki Prefecture), a high reputation titer, and the opinion "The fashion is thought that this person was making it" (Fukuoka Prefecture) reached from the goodness of the sense, too.

Because all clothes of the 1st place Namie Amuro parentheses Ii system and clothes of the matte Ii system are dressed wonderfully. (Tokyo)
Because the element of the matte Ii clothes and the fashion has been taken little by little by the 2nd place Becky season. (Nagasaki Prefecture)
It dresses perfectly and it yearns for the matte Ii clothes with the 3rd place Caoricaoririna magazine. (Gifu Prefecture)
It is to eternal Ayumi 4th place Hamasaki and there is an impact in clothes fashionable. (Tokyo)
It doesn't change even if becoming a 5th place Eki wing mama and it is matte Ii. Anything is suited and the sense is preeminent. (aichi prefecture)

Releasing it is a decision in March as for long-awaited new single "WILD/Dr.".  log lingua Namie Amuro the smash hit that exceeds 1.7 million album 'BEST FICTION'

the second "Dr." (doctor)It becomes the third bounce CM campaign song of the "Fashion×Music×Vidal Sassoon" campaign to cause a lot of topics, and be on the air in the whole country with the chapter of new CM of "Bourgeois gorgeousness" of the Azuchi appearance since January 23.
In CM, there is a scene of taking a bath in the palace where Azuchi is bourgeois, and this seems to be generated, too.

"Dr." (doctor) is a blockbuster of a mixture grand lingua as for the opera part, Electro that makes the ballet music "Bolero" a material suitably to "Bourgeois gorgeousness" that is campaign theme, Techno, and R&B, etc.
Both CM and music are checks necessary.

"Coca-Cola 0× Namie Amuro" Strong Corabo is decision.

Brand "Coca-Cola 0" that keeps growing up after it puts it on the market as "Only "Coca-Cola" beverage to be able to enjoy special delicious with sugar 0".
Namie Amuro is a decision in the image character of Niihirococ campaign "WILD HEALTH" to start in 2009.
'Wild training' chapter new TV-CM does the telecast start in the whole country on Wednesday, February 11.

In 'Wild training' chapter new TV-CM that telecast starts on Wednesday, February 11, "Charm" dance is performed because of Namie Amuro. In addition, CM music is a new song put on the market on March 18 "WILD". The attention of wild lyrics suitable for the expression of the outlook on the world of TV-CM from which "WILD HEALTH" that is the concept of the new campaign is made an image and her charm and danceable rhythms.

Who is the fashion leader of the yearning really for a high school girl sensitive to dressing up and the fashion?
Then, 【 Namie Amuro ] of the consequence and the singer to whom Oricon had done the questionnaire survey of 'Female celebrity who thought that the fashion leader' for active service's high school girl was chosen as 1st place.
It is nailed down in the fashion of the woman who serves as the model in by the side and the fashion magazine etc. of the music activity and seems to nailed down to high school girls' eyes.
2nd place is talent's 【 Becky ]
In continuing 3rd place, actress's 【 Caoricaoririna ] is a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus.
Ranking this time when high school girls'"Fashion leader" was investigated.
The comment "Mane it" and "Imitate it" seems to stand out, and to be aiming at "Senior person of fashionable" by high school girls referring to the fashion senses of women who see it on the magazine and the television, etc. and dressing.

(One that the Internet was investigated in 300 active service high school girls in 【 Oricon monitor research ] member of its own questionnaire panel on 23th - 26th in March of 2009. )
An additional again performance of a nationwide tour of Namie Amuro (31) started on the eighth in Yokohama Arina.
It increases to the addition again and again at first the tour that is 250,000 person in total dimension explosive and popularly, and the mobilization of 450,000 people in total.
It became the tour of the the greatest class in the history of the female solo singer in Japan.
30 on the way without toque (MC) all was sung by the non-stop and 10,000 great number of the general view was enchanted by cut "Live Tetsuhito". Stage of masterpiece that feels even dignity. Non-stop for 2 hours and 20 minutes, and appearance that keeps being sung is dance, clothes, beginning, and "Entertainment show" to perfection invited to the world of phantasy visually with image ..there is power like Onikihac..

It is 30 to sing.  allIf the time of change of clothes ..this.. was excluded at most in the number of tunes of one stages the self, it was finished to sing at a dash taking a rest none. Single "WILD/Dr." put on the market on the 18th is announced.
The scene where it is instinctively charmed as "Dr." that skillfully uses the bolero of the ballet music is sung out in a loud voice in a dramatic deployment is fully loaded.
When 10,000 people confirm the high potential, the gazed appearance is like atmosphere of the visit to Japan performance of overseas superstar of Madonna (50) in the United States et al..
The shout of joy went up whenever clothes was changed to nine horn in total clothes like a sexy miniskirt and the bondage, etc. , and the spectator got drunk on the phantasy that Azuchi is made an embodiment by "Trinity" of the song, the body, and production.

Performance that makes album "BEST FICTION" that sold 1.7 million pieces last July title.
It became a marvelous mobilization for similar to the log lingua and tour to reach 450,000 people by 23 place 60 performances in the first serial place for the first six Oricon chart weeks in the history of the inside and the cash dispenser of the depression.

It is in one's teens, is in one's twenties, it is in one's thirties, and it a female professional singer the first in the history of log lingua Japanese music as for the million hit.
Today..thank one's one's teens..Namie..shout of joy.
The scene that symbolized wide love.

The hall is enchanted by "I want to make it to Dokitsu" Becky and an adult taking off. (  15:00 May 21, 2009)

TV personality Becky was appointed to the promotion character of the hard disk video camera 'Ebrio' of Victor Company of Japan and it attended the symposium held in Tokyo on the 21st.
It appealed in case of "I wanted to make the color person's being made Dokitsu with Core ..Becky who appeared in being Yosoo ..radical change and "Adult"....", and the hall was enchanted with an energetic usual image.

Becky appointed to the promotion character of this merchandise that develops "Two 1post" comprising the moving image taking a picture and the still picture taking a picture with the concept appeals for usual "It is bright and fresh" and one" "Such as fashionable and adults it in addition to the image in the merchandise poster.
「The part that had not been so shown was able to be shown. If you can know such Becky」The appearance of the Daima foot to the finish.

Becky who appeared with the dress that opens the back is "Everyone is not only sensorium Shite though it puts on such clothes (Usual also :)" and Potsri. It is spoken that it likes to take the moving image even if it is private. 「(comedian)The moving image of Yagi (Masumi) Mr. in the savanna been sent by Daisuke Miyakawa is favorite. A natural point where the native was exceeded is loved. 」It solved and the love call was sent.

Moreover, the marriage of the Ishii regular of Hitoshi Matsumoto and ant to Metrioptera brachyptera in Downtown and comedians is lip services "It is likely to be going to marry tomorrow because the world where what happens is not understood" from ..continuation.. , Becky's mouth. Still, about an essential other party「It is not. (Ardent love also :. )At present, it is not still. 」It made, and reporters had been rolled in smoke. HD memory camera "EverioX" "GZ-X900" is put on the market in the beginning of June.
It appears in the preview event of the movie 'Last Brad' that singer's misono gathers 50 high school girls in Tokyo on the 19th and is done in the sailor blouse appearance. Misono to make "The sailor blouse is popular" and posture in which "It is popular" is always considered looked confesses the disappointed love experience of "Fra in Uti and six person serial" and the pasts. However, it was not discouraged because of this, said, "Always fall in love", and "It was not good if not appealing" and were put in the high school girls' consultations of "It is shy" love.

Misono introduced by the chairperson , saying that "Love mastering" : ..sailor blouse.. having the Japanese sword and on the platform as well as the hero and the spread of the movie that performs Chong Gehyon of actress of South Korea. Own love diathesis「(Shinagawa Shoshi)Shinagawa (Yu) Mr. reason and love Torynorrhina japonica. It falls in love like the Torynorrhina japonica that hits the glass Bang Bang (insect). 」With the analysis lingua.
Moreover, "It is coming near Masuyo near when a good-looking person is seen in the train" and it reversely questions misono that receives the consultation from one of the high school girls , saying that "It is not called even if there is a favorite person".
High school girls in the hall are seen to refuse all together. 「What?Everyone doesn't do. Because..good-looking."is said in case of Uti ..making friends... It is not good if not appealing. 」It scolded.  In addition..another..high school girl..associate..last long..unburden one's

"It wants the man to hold out love fast though it is said that a herbivorous boy is popular" and it ..story of a movie active of the woman ..misono in the end.... aspires to pulling against each other.
Rousing was urged aiming at men of the world said becoming obedience.
The movie 'Last Brad' the whole country is opened to the public on May 29.

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Actress in the pregnancy Rie Miyazawa's (36) marrying former professional surfer of the U.S. Hawaii living in April, and having given birth to the girl who becomes first child have understood the 22nd.

It gives birth in the hospital in Tokyo according to the affiliate on the 20th. It is almost healthy in both mother and child in the scheduled date street.
At the time of reporting on a long-awaited baby birth to very intimate friends.
The belonging office is assumed to be "It is not possible to comment because there is no person in charge".
Rie reports on pleasure to mass communications with the facsimile , saying that "The baby also who was my big dream was received" responding to clarified of "6 months pregnant & marriage" on February 13 by the this paper report. We wish to express our gratitude for "In the piling of every day feeling pleasure and puzzled to times how many with a small life of six months, the energy of the people who support it is Aruka et al." and surroundings.

It holds a ceremony in Tokyo on April 2, and the marriage report is fil afterwards.

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TB S system "MR.BRAIN"(soil and 19:56-)

Takuya's Kimura drama with the serial drama annihilated is a sign-on more and more.
"MR.BRAIN" Schedule of senary all stories. It did not drag on in the deployment and it went out to the strategy made Gutsu and a thick drama.

Day..audience rating..daytime..Mitokomon..) time..including..program..more than..story..laugh..affiliate..laugh..serious situation.

It is already desperate in the Pulmonary regurgitation. "MR.BRAIN"1 color all day long is scheduled in program Jac early morning on the watch Semban class of two "MR.BRAIN Nabis" hours broadcast on the 17th, the TBS regular program, and that day of the guest appearance multitude and broadcasting. The imposing several time the time advertisement is pouring it away in six-all story only about six and a half-hour-drama.

Attention : we to targets.   Of course..Ayase Haruka..greatly.being said of every day that is treated as subject of an experiment by Kimura, and played with
Ige ..junior high school student boy.. drove Yul .... still as for "Milk volleyball".
Strength is requested to sadistic Kimura. "Embarrassment face" where Ayase greatly buds attracts it. So. Ares made Director-General by "Hotalnohicari" by all means.

Naturally, the staff of Kimura's drama is also gorgeous. The scenario is Maita Mitsuharu of "TRICK".
Moreover, it is Yoshiko Morishita of "Love is called out at the center of the world" and a luxurious combination with the scenario cooperation.

However, the dish and the drama are the same as can not necessarily do a delicious thing even if a gorgeous food is used. The freshness of the material is important. Kimura indeed arrives to the region of the fermented food in Hilo Mizushima. It is expected that excess by the audience rating 30% is severe.

Next week's Doraota is "MR.BRAIN". The consequence report and the contents of our audience rating expectation are scheduled to be criticized to Borocso.

【 Doraota analysis ]Audience rating expectation first time: 26.4%
It was announced that SPEED that had been formed again last August did a nationwide tour after an interval of six years this autumn the 21st. Mobilization schedule of 100,000 people by ten city 16 performances. After it forms again, the premiere ticket making is inevitable only in the first.

The best board after an interval of nine years is put on the market on August 5 in the anniversary of the debut.
The request of persons in question "I want to produce the expressible outlook on the world only still", and "Body&Soul" "White Love" etc. are new Roku. Hiroko Shimabuku (25) is speaking "Come to play by all means" and Eriko Imai (25), "It looks forward to meeting your smile".

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Performance in Osaka discontinuance of Ayumi Hamasaki announced on the ninth.
This was received, and Ayumi Hamasaki wrote the message on own fan club site aiming at the fan. The full text is reprinted as follows.

 -   -  -
It was thought for a long time for a long time what I had to tell was what what the thing that wanted to be told was.
It had already dawned at night, and daytime had passed, too, when keeping thinking.
Managing, it not to describe whether to become it somehow forcibly here because it keeps being just sticky, and dares to think this desire that doesn't become my language to say nothing of the consequence where it runs anyway single-mindedly and a lot of staff to becoming the discontinuance decision still to be a place where all are understood surely and exist.

However, all of the tour staff by the start of the Aspidistra elatior work always and immediately after the same, and carrying the stage that doesn't change from regrettably and Hiroshima to Osaka while it sleeps, assembling, and completing it as it is without the thing used.
In this hard schedule, mind, all of Dansarz band member Osakajo 2 all nerves is possible to face it.. in state of thorough by having concentrated turning to Days bodies
Unity's thinking that it keeps delivering dream of no end, and disappearing on ground in Hiroshima because it renews, being taught, both ..Boroboro.. crying, deepening further in addition, and all of ..walking.. staff
It shouldn't happen to a dog as the chairman when you consider everyone's feelings.
It seems to be defeated at unbearable feelings. 
The actress and Norika Fujiwara were done in NHK in Tokyo and Shibuya on the 22nd.
Starring drama "Tsre comes to strike it. " of this bureau. (Three all times from the 29th. Later on Friday 10.00)It drank, it attended Nahirou interview, and the understanding of the mood depression was requested.

The drama is the imaging lingua one as for Mr. Hosokawa Tenten's comic essay.
Norika Fujiwara that performs the wife who devotedly supports it though it is puzzled to the husband and the discernment (Taizo Harada) that got the mood depression
「It performed it while putting out feelings in the round. If many people can deepen knowledge to the mood depression alone」It appealed.
It turns out that housewife Hikaru Nishida is making remarks, "The slum dog millionaire was downloaded and seen" by own blog in the talent. The movie 'Slum dog $millionaire' commented to the crew as at 20 according to Gaga that was opening the highest praise to the public in Japan, and distributed it in May, 2009, "The long run screening has been almost fixed".

'Slum dog $millionaire' that is sure to be seen only in the movie theater is downloaded and seen. ?
It is thought that this 'Slum dog $millionaire' can be downloaded and be seen by two methods.

In one, "The download rental system is used" and another one is "The movie data up-loaded on the Internet illegal is downloaded. "The former is a specification not seen in Japan, and if Hikaru Nishida downloads and saw 'Slum dog $millionaire' in Japan, .......

The language "Download" is from a blog by Mr./Ms. Nishida to erasing, and the comment "The slum dog millionaire was seen" only at present however.

When the crew covered in Hikaru Nishida's belonging office (Namaseprodaction) and looked for the talk of this, the curious fact turned out very much.

「The language "Download" was erased from the blog on the office side thinking that the language of download was inappropriate. Hereafter, I will think Myo confirmation Shite because it doesn't take the confirmation in Nishida himself. 」being saidVery, it was judged that the office was inappropriate and erased the language "Download".

Hereafter, the full text : here.
When it knows by the telecast expected for actress and Syaku Yumiko(30) performing to the drama 'Cutlet' 'LOVE GAME' to be going to be included in "Brilliant love affairs with women" of Downtown and Hitoshi Matsumoto (45) to whom the marriage the other day was announced while moving, and tea has been blown,
Explain..sincerely..i send my one's impressions.

By the way, because a suspected hotel secret meeting five years ago was reported by a weekly woman, the reason including explaining : to "Brilliant love affairs with women". Both of this matter are negative.
Yon'a (23) of actress's Rei Kikukawa (31), Mari Natsuki (57), and fashion magazine "Oggi" exclusive models attended the 250th anniversary of British brand Wedgwood who had been done in Tokyo party on the 21st.

This company agreement artist Natsuki plays the role of host, and Kikugawa appears gracefully in luxury car Bentrey in this country.
"A sensorium stripes lingua of Meuse (goddess). " in the evening dress that drifts adult amorousness from the breast.
The tea cup made of this company : even the bachelorhood in the aspect bought by the set. 「To pull article for sale in the future?It is wonderful. 」With a smile.  
After it holds a ceremony with the South Korean man on the 25th of last month, Yon'a is the first, public place. The newly-married life ..question.. was answered promptly by the smile of the whole face, "It is happy".
It is moved deeply by "A-N" of Ishikawa and Ueto Aya.

It co-stars in new CM of : of Ueto Aya of Ishikawa player and the actress of Progolfar 'Prunus amygdalus chocolate' and (Lotte). "A-N" and the scene that will be eaten are viewpoints, and the Ishikawa player has been deeply moved from the drinker , saying that "Became CM that remained very much in memories".

This CM that golf rally of fictitious becomes stage. The approach skipping a nice schott of the participating Ishikawa player when the commentator regenerated by a super-slow image and the door reflected, and it ..this merchandise.. was made to eat , saying that "A-N" a momentary Ishikawa player who took a swing at the ball. The story of comical is progressed.

Two people that making eating timing often difficultly fought hard more than imagination in taking a picture. The Ueto Aya amended the angle of the hand, and afterwards, the trial and error was done repeatedly as the Ishikawa player fine-tuned the direction of the face, and "A-N" scene for which the breath was suitable was completed.

When co-starring in CM of 'Ghanian milk chocolate' (this company), "It was possible to enjoy it terribly though it was thought that it strained to this distance feeling. " in this CM last year though it was an Ishikawa player such as the turgescences and Gatigati. As saying etc. , the Ueto Aya is "The wall was lost .... ..(Between two people).." through taking a picture to contract a distance each other.

The chapter of new CM of 'Super-slowness' to show a strange combination for two people to exceed is broadcast on Monday, the 25th.
TV personality Kaori Manabe is reporting, "The cornea was damaged" by the blog. The article is May 21, 2009.
It went from the change of the left eye with the feeling of foreign body into the soreness to the ophthalmology department, and it was said so by the doctor.
「Please the cornea has been damaged a little, and right now remove contacting and pierce the eye medicine. Please do not do contacting until recovering. 」

However, glasses are in the house. This day was spent by the naked eye reluctantly because there was time to return to taking. "This was a considerable adventure. "

Because the difference was not seen, it stumbled many times, and the position in which money is put is not understood in the vending machine.
I hear, "Doing that buries with the gem of the color color light and attaches and little state of Electrical Parade" because it seems that it shines around there when the night comes.

However, the cause that the cornea is damaged is "Slept without taking contacting of the left eye alone. "This surprising blunder joked when it is because going to sleep was too good.
Such Manabe is connecting it with "Sleep at 40 seconds from now".
Actress and Yuu Yamada (24) were done in Tokyo and Yurakuchou Mullion on the 21st the Japan premiere with the fashion show of U.S. movie "..purchase one poisoning.. Watashi" (opened to the public on the 30th) that served as an advertising stylist.

Yamada served as clothes in the play, and the styling of the model of six people was handled, and it served as the model to the motif voluntarily.
Masaru is "It becomes a reducing stress, and clothes are loved in above all. " though shopping is loved and the story to which the hero immediately before the bankruptcy grips happiness by work and love.
It was made to laugh, "Everyone, please always give to me when you gave it" though actor, Ogrijun (26), and questioning with "Does it want the ring of the ring finger?" because it was associating flew.
Talent and Nakagawa Syouko(24) would be appointed to event "Amusement park in Tokyo Dome the City "Magical summer of"" of summer of the Tokyo Dome City (July 18th - September 13th) as "Cupid post" and it attended the press release done in Tokyo on the 20th.

Nakagawa is scheduled to do the produce etc. of production and the cafe of the theme song and the symbol objet by the event to which the love activity is promoted by using Sonochi's attraction.
Nakagawa that appeared with clothes that treat the heart of having imaged the clione appeals together with the word , saying that "Love is obtained with the buccal tablet cone like the clione that goes out of the head the tentacle and eats food".
The same place : in the place of memories that the fleet one is gone after from about the small. 「(attraction)It is a dream to do a Sillago sihama hot on the Sky flower. I also take advantage and it holds out. 」It talked about "".

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Morning musume.. The first Oricon debut ..single.. place

The female singer group is a morning daughter.  Having shone to the first debut place in an Oricon dated the 25th single ranking has understood the 18th.

The head position win of 11 totaling crop lists after "Walk" the sale in November, 2006 after an interval of 2 and a half years, and the renewal lingua of the single head position win number log of the cohort of women that voluntarily has it.

The first place of this album is "Down of hit of the 21st century" on three Yoneo person class and green day.
As for 'Paris JAPAN EXPO tour where it goes with AKB48', about 250,000 yen does large amount of money pass?

It goes to Paris with the member of popular idol group AKB48.
A dreamlike traveling abroad tour 'Paris JAPAN EXPO tour where it went with AK B4 8' for such a fan was announced last week.
It meets, it sees off by 50 person restrictive in ..doing.. and ..entertainments.. airport in Paris, and the one that meal can be combined.  this tour
JAPAN EXPO held in Paris, and moreover, it finishes being skilled and it Iu as for the singing voice of AKB48.

However, the great deal of blame and the voice that can be taken come out when the price of this tour is large amount of money in the net.
Because the traffic Co. of Hankyu in AKB48 and the collaboration lingua travel agency is presiding over this traveling abroad tour, and the travel price is 248,000 yen, and the domestic Airport Facilities rental 2,040 yen, the overseas local airport various tax 6,000 yen, and the fuel surcharge 7,000 yen are included there, it is expected to become substance 260,000 yen or more.

However, why is it said that this price is large amount of money in the billboard and the blog of the net?
Whether the cause Oi shoes were examined, and it arranged it as follows.

・Double the amount from tour for equivalent Paris
It seems to cost 119,700 yen at the departure on July 2 when the tour on the fifth three night stay for Paris to which the traffic Co. of Hankyu has gone was examined.
In the difference with 'Paris JAPAN EXPO tour where it goes with AKB48', the point and the airline where events of AKB48 do not exist are the points that different sightseeing of the point and three hours is not attached.
10,000 yen for three hours or even applying the equivalent option by sightseeing however it or less, and the amount doesn't change very much.

Then, only were able to meet AK B4 8 several times in Paris and did 119,700 yen become 248,000 yen?
Even if the airline is different it, it is considerably large, and the difference of this price is more than double the amount.
Place where talk was asked to well informed reporter about public entertainments「The tour price is double the amount usually?As for it, because there are only neither a value added fee nor a saying way but there is a person who pays it money, it becomes in the tour and only it becomes worthy. If there is a person of paying one million yen, it becomes one million yen, and the value of the diamond is 10 yen or less in the value if becoming only a person of not paying the diamond even ten yen in marbles. 」being said
The glaze is not learnt by experience and it becomes familiar by the pet name, and TV personality Yuko Ogura wins the desire this and that while exchanging the anxiety of love by the blog.

The commensal in three acquaintances on the renewal lingua May 21, 2009 ..the blog...
In "Love toque always" between meals, it rose by such feeling.

「When 'It is scared to scare damaged, and to trust it' is said,」

It is that it doesn't limit to love and the person is lonely that it is unbelievable. When it is done only to do, it doesn't regret. ――It is being written.  Or, the love in the future is spelt so.

「This but..pure..each other..favorite..sympathize..person.」

However, Kokura in the love toque when becoming negative at once.
The dress rehearsal of opening to the public of stage "Blue sky of Edo" was done in the Setagaya public theater in Tokyo and Sangenjiyaya on the 23rd.

Totsugi Juko (35) of play group TEAM NACS that reveals association named talent and Waka Inoue (29) performed in the humanity comedy that laces essences of a variety of classics traditional comic story telling the other day.
The fish shop where it drowns it is performed, and only right-hand man Risa Sudo (32) and the husband-and-wife fight : Totsugi to sake that makes "Shibahama" a theme.
The physical beauty forged with one loincloth in the upper-body nakedness was announced and performed enthusiastically.

Takashi Matsuo (49) of co-starring「It was surprised. Is blog and "Correspondence. "?Good story」With blessing. However, Tokuma Nishioka (62) :. 「It knew reading the newspaper. In the drunk seat.   It did not talk. 」..seeming not convincing... The performance : in the same place until the 24th - June 7.

Http:// "Blue sky of Edo"  The source is Totsugi Juko (inside)(In the left, Tokuma Nishioka and the right are Konishi) who showed the physical beauty by stage "Blue sky of Edo" Http:// 
Fact that public entertainments reporter life and deepens one's conviction three years and every day. It is "Most talents are the Ii people. "
Especially ..that.., it came round and, some time ago in the beautiful woman of the character only of the jump, it met.

It is a singer and misono. Kansai. 「Quiz. Hex gon II」The variety program, and a segregation doing, and popular hight.

It attends the event in Osaka and Midosuji on this day. The forcing schedule that returned to Tokyo before the day is out.
Though it is grateful according to the interview only it is possible to get it ....

It began to display the chair voluntarily , saying that "It apologizes that only I sat". Being surprised : reporters.

In addition, when the staff who was the worry about the time of Shinkansen tries to finish having an interview「It gets and it is ..-.. short. Because it is possible to cover with great pains. 」The extension was done repeatedly many times, and it gave it to the question politely.

"I'm sorry for becoming it like "It is busy"" when it finally becomes time full, and the hall is left and the bow. Reporters are harmony.

Do You bet it is?Innocent speech and behavior of the peculiar characteristic is in the best condition. "The story is ..Ee.. ..boiling.. ~ . Because to selling absolutely. " in the topic in new song "end=START" put on the market on June 10 at the very beginning. It was made to turn pale, and it was comical.  surrounding Otona

The innocent Sawa, as seen on the television really. It is a honest person. Moreover, if it is possible to pay it attention if coming to popularity consent. And, etc. the pinko of Tsume at that time
(cultural city news department and Atsushi Kuwahara)

Fuko(19) in a Japanese gravure field and the highest bust P cup went in the sale commemoration event of DVD'MIX JUICE' (Japanese media supply) with the Yamagiwa software of Tokyo and Akihabara in a day.

It is done in the studio in Tokyo, and it takes a picture of location with three Ko milk daughters in Sugihara Momohana Kun in one Iromiyabi Kun in Kun Futsuko and K cup and H cups.

Fuko「The under is favorite and I like clothes of short bread in a white bathing suit. Do it shake very much in the man?Masuyo is...  the scene of rope skipping」The work appealed the answer to the expectation.

About the bust of the cup 120 P centimeter「The person level shifted from the second grade of junior high-school. It is, I cup runs at that time, and in from the bra in Hami. It has already thought of. 」It recalled and it talked about a thing at that time.

"Inheritance. " ..big mother, too...

It makes to 2ndDVD and the release of DVD has been decided considerably and popularly until June next year. 
SKYPerfecTV!371ch『Enta. 371』It is understood that Kun Fuko of the topic performs to the breast Feti program 'Palace of π' broadcasting by P cup bust, and the crew immediately obstructs to the movie set and has done the direct hit interview.

- The chance ..the start.. : the public entertainments activity.
「The scout. In Harajuku in Tokyo. Printed in magazine is "Weekly playboy" in November, 2006」

- How about the work of gravure?
「Always ..turgescence..The bathing suit always has a hard time first of all in the small. Do not want to expect going out with Porotsu momentarily became four Tsun corbicula from the standing pose. It is teeny-weeny and lustful in the ordinary feeling like there is no made meaning though often makes by Mr. stylist. 」

- The place in which it changes greatly with me now and one year ago?
(Brassiere and (BG) in front of ..laughter..) that is not suitable of the size, breaks, and rolled up .."... " ..the tidy wearing the undergarment...

- Have it grown so much though the bust of the topic when?
「Is the second grade of junior high-school?The cup has not been originally understood at all though deca was driven from the school child. I think that it wears C or around of that at the elementary school. It was not interesting at all but was small worn what though it became junior high school student's "Pubescence". Therefore, the breast always flew out from the brassiere. Made in Japan might not have been suitable from those days. Isn't there made in Japan saying to I cup?」

【The photo gallery in Kun Futsuko is here ]

- It is at when that noticed in ..deca.. ..saying.. Mune.  exceed 100 centimeters

- The hardship excluding undergarment?
「The dress doesn't enter. Only the breast is Kitsu Kitsu. 」

- Does the big breast become arms and do it take an active part working about gravure?
「It is so. Because it is possible to use it by the surprise, (BG) breast Feti too more strapping, more interesting person. 」

- The customer's reaction by event?
「It ..".. assists. "is only "Decai" and (BG) ..holding out.. when thinking saying. 」

- Was it .... glad to recommend of 'Ametorc' of the telecast?
"It is glad to be fiddled because the breast of Nambo. "

- Does this year's target : though it is thought that it gets into the news gone 3, 5, 6, 7, September, and DVD further?
「It goes out to the ground wave. I want to be fiddled by the variety and to roll it up. I want to go out to CM. I wanted to go out to McDonald's CM. 'Mega-Mac' and the breast is Dorn. . Only with milk though it is good」

'Palace of π' in which Kun Futsuko performs is SKYPerfecTV!. It begins to broadcast on "Enta 371' of 371ch April 17. 
Fuuko(19) of the gravure idol who had the bust of the cup 120 P centimeter was decided to debut majors with the CD, and it announced by own blog.

I hear this cash dispenser debut is a comedy trio of the sound material specialty that uses musical instruments etc. according to the blog, and it is the same also in CM song of ice cream Ghali Ghali Herr of the Chicheng dairy product industry as known Pocascajan (WAHAHA-Hompo belonging). It seems to have looked forward to Kun Futsuko since now such as the recordings and the process variable taking a picture that will start in the future. The preparation is like everything , saying that "There was Takai Voi tray Shite". 
Announcer Mariko (30) of Oe of Television Tokyo Channel 12 Ltd. performs to pop promo (PV) of new song "Youth bus conductress" of the sale by the bus conductress post on June 3 of idol group "Berryz atelier".

In Television Tokyo Channel 12 Ltd. that broadcast animated cartoon "Inazmairebn" whose this tune that expressed schoolboy's Ama tile feelings who has made love to the bus conductress of the school excursion is an ending theme, the Oe ana- to boast of full popularity was chosen.

The Oe ana- of the process variable first appearance : , saying that "I want to enter when poriferous" though it can shine.
It ..".. became good memories as announcer's affairs because it was not thought that it was not possible to do quite.

It will be boasted, 'The mama will have gone out to idol's music video' when being marry in the future and having a visit from the stork. "

After it makes introductory remarks," "Though ー is a good story ..retreat.. duck, Akkena is declared to be "It became 20 years old and it is stopped to make the character a small letter" in entry "It became 20 years old and stop it".
It looks back on "Katashi or my reducing 【It met and was high ] to the Nipponia nippon like the junior high school student became popular and reduced it from it for a long time" and the reason to have used the small letter up to now, and the assertion lingua of parting because of the small letter.

 The small letter is not used, and seems to put the declaration into practice at once in the renewal on the 18th.

A lot of people had chiefly been using it for about roughly 6-7 years becoming popular, starting, and now among junior high school student and high school student's young people though site of origin clear of "Culture" that used the small letter for the mail so on was not understood though it was in its twenties.

The use scene is gradually an enlargement though originally said one of the "Cellular phone culture" used for the cellular phone mail by the sense like the emoticon. The diary etc. of the blog and SNS are very used for the ordinary now.

However, critical voices such as "It is amusing as Japanese" and "..reading.. regret" from the generation more than one's thirties are frequent ..going up... The controversy has occurred in the billboard and Q& A site etc. of the net over the right or wrong.

This "Small letter graduation declaration" : only to Akkena that boasts of full popularity to the young person.
By chance, does Aruka also : ...... and Iu of the influence and the gradual decline of "Small letter culture" to the fan?
Queen world and Kim Jonah (18) of figure skating performing to Fuji Telecasting Co. system "Gutannubo" of broadcasting (11.0 after Wednesday) on the 27th has understood the 17th.
It is the first time to appear in the variety program of Japan. It collects recently with Kyoko Uchida (32) et al. in local South Korea and Seoul, and the deployment of smooth "Girls toque".
It was mentioned about the rival in Japan, "(Asada) I today am not if there was no Mao".

Collection : in a high-level coffee shop in the southern part of Seoul and Konan Ward. It married soccer South Korea Motoyohyou MF (present J2 Kusatsu belonging) and Choi Sung-Yong (Choi Sung-Yong =33) in Jonah, Uchida, and 03, and good talent and 3 Mihoko Abe (33) concentrated Hangul.
When the topic of food and the fashion is drawn out in the shape that Abe interprets, the girls toque is gradually active "The talk show is the first time" and first though it is Jonah who was the turgescence feeling.

A complete defense was necessary, and "So at the date" and the astonishment remark shot out , saying that "It stuck one's cap on one's head and the face mask was done" when going out. When asking, Abe is "Date it", Kyoton , saying that "Is it man and is it woman's?". It seems to be expressed, "Date" when going to play by best friend's woman, and is a disposition of the case in South Korea.
However, keen worry only about the big star also : , saying that "I am good only in a day if suitable, and want to walk to the ordinary in the town with the friend with no one knows me".
"Poor" and Jonah is ..two person.. when sympathizing , saying that "I also feel sorry" as for joke Na.

The source is expression Kim Jonah (center) different from the on the ice who relaxed. Http:// ..../short run Kansai Telecasting Corporation "Gutannubo" Kyoko Uchida and Mihoko Abe from the rear left as for "Matte Ii-" ..arrangement of voice..
Hitoshi Matsumoto (45) in Downtown understands popular comedy Combi and electrical shock Deki lingua has understood the 17th with former weather forecaster and Lin Ihara (26) of 19 younger year to whom ardent love was reported last July. " "In ..other party.. ..across-the-board.. pregnancy at ..becoming it.. present and it ..pine.. announces through Yoshimoto Kogyo of belonging. The marriage interview is not held by the policy of the person in question "It is embarrassed".
Both parties' Hamada Miyabiisao , saying that "Are you person's parents?" (46). At any rate, the feeling what.

Beautiful actress..popular..singer..a an annual tribute.
"Information of the marriage of Hitoshi Matsumoto" facsimile that shook the spectacle society from Yoshimoto Kogyo was suddenly thrown on the night of the 17th. It ..pine.. is commented after it cuts off, "The interview by this matter is not scheduled". 「The other party becomes across-the-board and is a pregnancy now. I want you to be as quietly as possible with doing because delicate time. It stops it though it is thought that the fraction conferences are better because it is embarrassed. 」A shy, manly contents of a letter was spelt.

It is Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated though marriage partner's detail was not clarified that it became Niitsuma of pine. 「Zoom Dipterocarpus tuberculatus SUPER」Lin who was serving as weather forecaster.
It was taken, and the woman in women's magazines afterwards understood with Lin, and association came to light to the photograph magazine as a sacred ground of Wotac in known Tokyo and Broadway Nakano the appearance in which it dated the woman the exposure of Matsumoto of last year in July.
Lin graduated from this program, and had retired from the spectacle society at year-end on September 30 of the same year.
According to Lin's intimate acquaintance when you resign the belonging office「It greeted boyfriend's (Matsumoto) parents. I will resign because it marries. 」The engagement with Matsumoto and it Iu when having reported.

The source is 
Photographic inventory "Girlfriend" of plains mausoleum and relaxation mode opening completely May 18th 17:42 of 2009

Latest photographic inventory "Girlfriend" of the plains mausoleum is put on the market by crocodilian Books on May 27.
"Girlfriend" is the third photographic inventory for the plains mausoleum. Resort feelings are enjoyed in Thai Phuket, and ..relaxation mode ー.. 1 put enough.

The original life photograph of 2L size where it encounters and ー Yano signature is printed is presented with wear as a mail order privilege in an online store of crocodilian Books ahead.
The fan : the order of bringing forward because it ends here as soon as it becomes out of stock.

News source Natalie
In first crown program "Only the plains mausoleum is TV" broadcast in Fuji Telecasting Co. TWO, the offering inside of the contributor of "Word in the photograph" corner "At this time, thought of the plains mausoleum so" of the viewer participatory type that encountered and used ー Yano photographic inventory and the artist photograph, etc.ー and the fan participate in the encounter by page 1 of the latest favorite photographic inventory.  
Recently, join Yuihara saya (24) of the Signorina system gravure idol that it was a president Miss came
Height 166 centimeters and nice Buddy of B83・W56・H84. Gravure idol, Amamiya (24) of the finalist of idol project "ZAK THE QUEEN 2008" of ZAKZAK, and unit "Amamiya × join field Sha" are formed and it is acting now.

Recently, first CD-R photographic inventory "Sha" is put on the market.
The smile and the Pulmonary regurgitation , saying that "Twine by two people in the bathing suit".

Otaku system "It likes Gundam, camera, and railway" the join field.
The type of a favorite man is "It is senior and the Otaku system is good" aspect.

Eyes were made to sparkle , saying that "I wanted to become an actress" in the future.
Formula blog necessary.

Active Risa Honda finally appears as a singer debut and an idol in 1988.
Risa Honda who gets into the news the 90's May 25, when 'Supreme (Supreme)' is put on the market from popular label "R30sexy" of GP museum software semi nude photo collection

No Kotono compared unfavorably even if the woman who has the skill of the first grade compares it in the Karate of the special skill in the idol age is her who became announcing least openhearted without remaining as for the strengthened body ・・・ Acquisition is a bust that seems to begin to be seen and provocation as for a close undergarment and a minimum bikini.
Empty-handed and a semi-nude are announced.
Serial of whole volume and the best senses scene. A new charm of the woman who increases come-hither of Onna fully :.
This title insertion song "Supreme" that she sings is Ki.

【 event information ]
- The date: May 24(Sunday)
- Place..Akihabara..Sofmap..amusement..pavilion.
- The contents: Toque & handshake association is photo session.

【 Risa Honda () profile ]
- From May, 1971 ..Oita Prefecture ..birth on the 27th....
- Blood type: B type
- Size: Height 154cm and B80 W60 H82 cm
- Hobby: Killing formation, action, and Karate
- Special skill: Drive, knitting, and personal computer

News source http://www.

Konomi Yoshikawa who is winning full support from fan with a smile cute. In this work taken a picture of in Bali, it runs in the adult stairs and the charm of the woman who went up is full loading of one like the adult face etc. shown by a threshold very limit schott to say nothing of the smile of the boast.

F cup of the resemblance 87cm is a charm in Rori system Faith if it is said Yoshikawa. In the uniform also that is her such favorite trick, it takes one's skirt off, the transparent brassiere causes in a white shirt, and obscenity Sao is causing it. Moreover, the adult one side that has not been shown has been announced to black lingerie up to now in a naked apron and the bedroom scene. Especially, the bedroom scene to which the hairstyle is set up like the adult cannot be missed.

The event that commemorates the sale of this DVD is held in Ishimaru Denki SOFT2 (13:00-) in Tokyo and Akihabara and the Sofmap amusement pavilions (16:00-) on June 14.

3rdDVD'CARA' sale commemoration event of both hormone loving daughters and Yoshioka ren that oneself and others perceived was held with Tokyo Akihabara and Ishimaru Denki software 2.

Lotus that appears putting on tube top by the spectators' grand applause.
94cm overflow at which it still peeps stirs up the imaginations of the overflowing spectators as for plain clothes 6F in the store ..stirring up...
Photographer's Tsba was made to be swallowed in milk and the service full marks in the under in the taking a picture Thymus vulgaris changed ....too deep valley.. sending.. the bikini.

Lotus that another and cooking for oneself hormone also have domestic one side "A good dish is a boiling putting of the pumpkin" in the hobby.
However, I seem to like hormones specially after all.
It rolled it in the eddy of the laughter at "(BG) might be in one hand of the chuuhai in the hormone shop around there.." and the inside the room.

「At year-end last year though it was made to perform live. It does by being who has made live Mr. who dusts it this year. 」
It talks.  One Sibu Juncus effusus var.decipiens of often listening to 70'-80's popular song such as Candies was made to be peeped, and spectators' interests were favored usually.

Even the stage is wide and ..information.. check is inevitable from another and the photo session of active lotus.

The height held it, and it had the bust of I cup of 96cm in diminutive, and Ayami Sawada who had already come up in conversation with gravure etc. held the sale commemoration event of DVD'NU IMAGE' (spice visual) with 154cm.

Coverage: First DVD. When and where did you take a picture?
Ayami Sawada: It took a picture to the middle in December in Okinawa.

Coverage: Okinawa was how?
Ayami Sawada: Okinawa loved, was able to take a picture by going many times naturally, and was very good.

Coverage: Does a recommended scene :?
Ayami Sawada: Were you able to take a picture by settling down from two Hime though strained the first day?I like scenes where it plays in the park putting on a uniform. (BG) that becomes feelings that returned when it is junior high school student.

Coverage: Does the bathing suit that you may put on :?
Ayami Sawada: Clothes like the marine alga were interesting. After that, to make the shell a bathing suit, the trial and error was repeated in situ. It likes the scene to make the flower a bathing suit though the bathing suit of the shell was not able to be worn after all.

About when does growth ....coverage:.. bust.. : with 96cm though it is large?
Ayami Sawada: After it had entered the high school, it grew little by little. Is about one size a year?

Coverage: Is the breast big and have it gained it?
- ..Ayami Sawada:.. (BG). The shoulder decreases the one that clothes are suited, too, and absorbs and .... I want to become small a little more.

Coverage: Does the chance of the debut :?
Ayami Sawada: The scout was done. It came first to be thought, "It was ..wanting the attempt.." on the way though it was not interested.

Coverage: Is there a talent of the yearning?
Ayami Sawada: It is Mr. Yuka. It loves for a long time.

Coverage: Does the impression of today's event :?
Ayami Sawada: It is terrible and a turgescence stripes lingua. (With the taking a picture Thymus vulgaris. )Was it about three months that the lens on a camera was turned, and was the pose awkward?It has sweated.

Http:// image
Canami Okamoto (20) of H Cappgradol held the sale commemoration event of DVD 'Recipe of H' (Susumu Asosha) in the Sofmap amusement pavilion in Tokyo and Akihabara on March 29.
This time「By may your desire as nakedness. ?」It is Iu to the very limit when having exposed it.

About the reason「It is a good adult. Impact. The wham and Itsu praise decision were decided. Seen clothes when moving. 」It describes, and it gives it up considerably.
This time「Mite also received the shock for myself. Threshold exposure 90%. 」It becomes and seems to be terrible.


Amiba news
Canami Okamoto official blog

Reference image
Ayumi who makes the best use of preeminent proportion for length body of 171 centimeters and has been active since last year. In 4thDVD of which it takes a picture in the Philippines and Cebu I., a sexy schott that not is so far is boldly announced. Most wears a colorful bikini such as bathing suits that the blade enters red, pink, and blue to the bathing suit with the bikini. In the pink of a triangular bikini, the scene that stresses the hip to say nothing of the breast also shows it.

A flesh-colored bikini is must see. Too much it is stressed that the goodness of the shape of an unremarkable breast also wears a flesh-colored bikini, and is one of the scenes that want to be checked in a colorful bathing suit. Moreover, a painful pose and the expression are fired in rapid succession in the scene that puts on a black, adult clothes.

The event that commemorates the sale of this DVD is held in Ishimaru Denki SOFT2 (11:00-) Sofmap amusement pavilion (14:00-) in Tokyo and Akihabara on the 24th.

"Happiness" new work DVD of no girl junior high school student Aita ring Nachi sale commemoration event was held in Sofmap music cash dispenser pavilion 4F event space of Tokyo and Akihabara.

Ring Nachi of the second event of this year already. It was in the third grade of junior high-school between the last events.
It is joyfully said, anxiety "A lot of new members enter the tea ceremony part and the plane senior is said", and junior high school student Life that seems to be happy is sent and , saying that "Study became it very much".
A relieved breath in way to talk settled by not seeming the junior high school student in the glance and the tone of voice.  an Aita plane contents that is still curious and in the third grade of junior high-school though the figure to be precocious

In the taking a picture Thymus vulgaris, the hands and feet who expanded elongate were announced generously, the expression like the adult was enchanted in addition, and the showing fans were enchanted.

News source
In this DVD taken a picture of in Okinawa in January, a lot of smiles of Mitsui are collected. Mitsui , saying that "It did not stretch oneself at the end in one's teens this time and I of the life-size was put out though there were up to now a lot of sexy works". Moreover, it is Iu this time when it challenged the scene of acting for the first time. In the scene of confessing while crying in last「It was not possible to act laughingly because the manager dozed on the side and it had begun to snore though it tried to put feelings immediately before the real thing. ) because it is however tidy in the real thing ..the hope of you seeing.. ..(.. ..laugh..」It solved and it talked with a smile. Another「Because the scene to be cute a pink bathing suit, billiard is decided well, I want you to see by all means. , ..encounter.. the truth is ..(.. ..laughter... ) though is good at edit and tiesBecause I cannot play billiards」
It took and PR was done.

Though Mitsui that faces 20 years old in October「Hereafter, I want to advance toward acting more. I want to perform the boy dumping post that the Carcar remark cracks to the girl. 」It solved and the volition was shown. The appearance musical 'Cocos mile 6' performs in August. Eyes were made to sparkle , saying that "One's best throw to the musical in the summer of the end in one's teens".


A dynamite body and latest DVD of the gravure idol and Mayuka Okada of popular with younger sister's Ulot. It performs as a solo, and a large amount of pheromones are discharged in this work though it is Okada who has released a lot of co-starring works with Ulot. This work collected in Chiba is eroticism full loading that puts a bold schott from normality to abnormality.

The scene to wear transparent clothes and the scene where the breast is hid with whipped cream increase further than the bathing suit by the contents that approaches a very limit threshold the extreme degree, and are contents of which Okada's abnormal world may catch a glimpse.

The event that commemorates the sale of this DVD is held in Ishimaru Denki SOFT2 (15:00-) in Tokyo and Akihabara on June 7.

Morning daughter. It drinks, Hicari Ica (16) is diagnosed for a part of the cartilago of the left foot forefinger to have peeled off, and receiving the removal operative of the cartilago that has peeled off has understood the 15th.

"There is a possibility of influencing the performance in the future in a state as it is" operative is a decision according to the formula homepage.
It is absent of event "Halo professional * meeting" on the 24th the 23rd.

Image: Manaka Mitsui

Sankei Sports
It has been understood that comedian's Tomochika is announcing a healthy bikini appearance by new CM of 'DHC protein dieting'. made it to dew slimming by new CM of the becoming it body like the commitment "It puts on ..lean.. bikini" in the announcement interview before the start.

New CM is a story that Tomochika wants suddenly to take off, and appears in "Shall you take it off?" and over and above what is wanted in "Dieted" and the bikini appearance while making arrangements. With Porgeng of the model style with the narration "Took it off by Tomochika and dieting the DHC protein"
-The waist etc. squeezed by 19cm appeal.
「Such serif a ?If it is a woman who becomes thin and became beautiful, it is sure to be thought, "You may depend on it". 」Tomochika of having faced taking a picture by positive posture as it proposes serif including experience of oneself who makes dieting succeed. It was different from a usual character, and the appearance to smile in a sexy expression ..impressive CM.. finished.

New CM of 'DHC protein dieting' in which Tomochika is performing by the bikini appearance is broadcast on the 13th today.

Http:// : the source here.
Former morning daughter. It reported drinking and the impression of the language that Ca Mamoru sub-Yo (21) is said by the telecast by the blog.

It「Is not said busy. . 'Lose it ..busy.. ..Chinese character..' 'Mind' is ..writing... 」Seeming the language.
This is a language that Becky (25) said by the Becky feature of a certain telecast.
The divine protection seems to have received impression , saying that "Sounded in my breast now of it".

By the way, the language that the divine protection is hated seems to be "LOVE&PIECE" , saying that "Hold out".
About the reason「Because ..holding out.. pressure when it says.
The war and the trouble must be lost from this world if there is LOVE&PIECE, too. This real language is not suited. 」It is writing.  

However, it is described as an aspiration, "PIECE and it is thought that it wants it in people".
It went in the sale commemoration handshake association of photographic inventory "Digi+ KISHIN MAGAZINE ' Fukunaga'" in Tokyo on the 17th (27) ..Fukunaga china. the Ko milk gravure idol in G cup.
Photographer and Kishin Shinoyama (68) take a picture with the hot spring trip as the theme in a long-established inn in Nagano.
Eros of harmony are embodied. 「It took it damp, pleasantly, and pleasantly. ....cancer rose.. cry of love and work because of Arasar..」It was appellate.  

Http:// image

Fukunaga official blog
It greatly took an active part as an active service high school girl idol with fore buttocks of H cup as the weapon, and Chizuru who was holding out in gravure after it had graduated of the high school held the sale commemoration event of DVD 'Melon bread' (Grasso).

Coverage: Piece how many is DVD?
Chizuru: The fourth piece.

Coverage: Has the H cup grown about when?
Chizuru: It is a junior high school student that thought the difference from the circumference. It is in the C-D cup in those days, and has grown naturally.

Coverage: Does the secret that keeps a splendid proportion :?
Chizuru: It is made to move always often. It became thin for a moment after it had taken a picture of this DVD.

Coverage: What scene is seen in the image?
Chizuru: Spa bathing scene,, and the costume play etc. of the nurse who challenged for the first time are seen.

Coverage: Where is the location site?
Chizuru: The inn in Chichibu. The spa may be warm though it was considerably cold.

Coverage: There are a lot of exposures of the skin of the scene in the spa, too. Do it take a picture for myself and wasn't it shameful?
Chizuru: It was safe. Because it is possible to take a hot spring bath by Ichi in the morning, (BG) to which it bubbles over though it took a picture of the scene in the spa in two Hime's mornings.
Coverage: Does the viewpoint :?
Chizuru: DVD only after it graduates from the high school. I think that can enjoy it by it like an adult different from the current.

Coverage: Do besides?
Chizuru: It likes the scene enshrouded to the sheet. Because a pink bathing suit is T-back, attention there. To T-back become accustomed while taking a picture though this DVD is the first time.

Coverage: Does the impression to which the event is finished :?
Chizuru: The talk I think for it to able to spend it happily though it is not accustomed.

Coverage: Do you want to try if there is the next work?
Chizuru: No do casual wear and I want to put on a uniform
The gravure field of which J cup and K cup have gone out recently though had said before the person erstwhile fore buttocks in the F-G cup. The Matsuzaka minami Mr. of "Super" gravure idol in L cup to which it goes ahead of that puts DVD 'L-cup 115' (The sale: spice visual/3990 yen) on the market. The commemoration event was held in the Sofmap amusement pavilion in Akihabara on the 22nd.
 The size of the breast is 115cm of astonishment as it is though the DVD title. And, beautiful that is only greatly transparent of the blood vessel. TV Asahi "Q" is already started by the impact, it is taken up in each gravure magazine etc. , and no mean topic. Actually, the fan of a full hall crowded this event. The image of DVD put on the market is the one taken in Bali last October. It challenges an Rito scene that lives and is too bold that hides the breast only with the belt of the suspender, and conceals it only by the hand and the petal. It is Iu for the finish , saying that "Think the exposure to be beautiful feeling though it held out considerably". I hear that the aroma oil is painted on the body and the scene of the braiding tights with ..a few.. image was the most favorite. Almost the same size already existed when it was a high school student when the L cup was heard in detail. Surroundings..often..see..natural..packed train..bra..come off..laugh..)..that time..memories..story..reveal.There seems often to be a happening that carelessly puts out Hami after it comes to do the work of gravure, too. Melting splendid is the difference none in being going to be paid attention in the future. I will attempt advancement to gravure more with this L cup as the weapon this year. As for the character where the atmosphere of healing drifts, I want you to feel it by Movie for a moment.

The source: Http:// .
The sale commemoration event of image DVD "Bombing-..Tud.. 95 roll pitch π-" was held in Tokyo on the 26th Uko ..the gravure idol and Matsugane... A minimum bathing suit, costume play, and the grider work of the shake of the breast of 95-centimeter H cup without reserve with showing.
"One ..shaking one.. fate by all means ..terrible.. ..thinking.." and only it doesn't appreciate, and the guard effect is a Pulmonary regurgitation. However,, Own..luck with men..quite..go racing..go..good..keen..expression..lucky..breast..appeal.


Image image "Umaji Konomi 'JUICY FRUIT'" of I cup bust and gravure idol Umaji Konomi who grew up splendidly is opening it to the public in GyaO "Idol". The image of power is the enjoy that.

Umaji Konomi "JUICY FRUIT" is an image image by the owner and Umaji Konomi with 100cmI cup bust. As for stately 100cm that reigns on 88cm hip and the waist of 60cm, power is different from I cup damage around there. Is provocation to make good use of a soft body getting excited chancy?The bikini worn under see-through is strangely sexy. It makes to the debut work and the image of great power.

News source
The a pair of the former AV actress and the contract employee female office worker event of the debut of majors of the music unit and the Bijogi junction was held in Tokyo and Tower Records Shibuya on the 17th.
..debut tune "Plastic bucket" of the Yasushi Akimoto writing songs.. sing enthusiastically of two Mr. (24) Tone of former AV actress Yuki Lena (23) chosen in the audition of Television Tokyo Channel 12 Ltd. system Music variety "Is Music-?" (10:55PM of Saturday). The woman who did miserable love was compared to "Garbage woman", and wandering thrown away to the plastic bucket was sung. When putting it on the market by the convenience store restrictive in March, "The garbage woman cannot sell it in the shop" straightening and the title are the decision linguas in "Plastic bucket".

Former AV actress's Lena is "The high school stopped music and and Omo though it graduated and it aimed at the singer though it was AV actress for various reasons. "Sleep Mr. is "It was possible to become a contract employee from the female office worker of the dispatch. "The voice was arranged , saying that "I wanted to aim at Red and White New Year's Music Special because majors debut red sandal tree" at the end.

Image: Bijogi junction (daily sports) that held debut event Http://   jpg

The sandwich man

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「Dane Tokuno. Happy news even if it twines and , is taken――」。
Caster Tomoaki of Kokura whom the language "Happiness" doesn't suit anyhow shows the smile only of the jump.

Will be Italy comedy duo and sandwich man marriage to program reporter Maiko Kumagaya.

The sandwich man wins the championship in the M-1 grand prix in 2007.
At that occasion, Kumagaya is Dane Tokuno. Drinking and having gone with To material were the edges of meeting.

When the cold water of the Ogra style was poured, the ana- of Nobusuke Kasai is Iu in Kumagaya , saying that "This is bad [not good] in honesty and ups and downs excitement Shiika et al. and the future". However, it doesn't move in the person in question round.

On the contrary, when "Even if it is private, it is always interesting" etc. and talk about their love affair Banashi are made to be heard from a Morimoto clear ana- without reservation, it is Iu.

Meeting two person, and being Kokura that has been often observed kasais last week comments.
「Nice-looking couple. The lower layer can have been also long, and it hold out. 」It stressed it.

former announcer Ayako

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It was the second clarified that gift Yomi melon television (Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated) former announcer Ayako (36) returned by the Hiroshima home television (TV Asahi-affiliated). A gift former ana- is retirement from a corporation in 04 year-end taking the opportunity of the marriage as for the Yomi melon television.
It will return to television interests after an interval of two months of four years.

A gift former ana- is from Hiroshimashi. After joining the Yomi melon television「Zoom Dipterocarpus tuberculatus SUPER. 」
It performs to the hit program such as "Weekly Tigris tigris Tigris tigris Tigers". It was popular around the Kansai district.

After it had married, life that alternated Japan-U.S. was spent because of the husband's work. However, the person in question has been requesting the return as an announcer, and the TV station in Hiroshima also that is the home will be connected with the agreement this time.

The affiliate of the Hiroshima home television「It considered it from Hiroshima. The expectation is also great because it is known on a nationwide scale by "Zoom Dipterocarpus tuberculatus" etc.」It spoke.  The detail of the charge program etc. after it returns is announced by this bureau on the ninth.

Akira Fukuzawa

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Free ana- and Akira Fukuzawa (45) seem to be being deserted quite by Tsuki.
Report program "Truth report Bankisha" of Nippon Television Network Corporation-affiliated from which discontinuance of program doesn't seem to be avoided by president's resignation to take responsibility (6:00PM of Sunday).

It becomes regular program of the fourth times discontinuance while it is not filled in four years after it freely converts it on 30 days June, 2005 if the program ends for Fukuzawa who serves as the caster.

Stinginess's beginning to adhere is information program "Ring Buddy. " of TBS of the start in April, '06 when it served as the first regular chairperson after it freely converts it.
The program will end in four months because the health injury went out to the viewer the introduced navy bean dieting.

Post-program「Man. It is good in this. 」To the trouble in broadcasting in February, '07 again though .... consecutive pitching as it is. When the theme how the sound of high frequency not heard affects the human body is taken up in the auris, paper is cited without writer's license. After all, the program ended in the same month.

"Right on!" of TBS that serves as the overall host (moon-11-AM money) ends fully for the cost reduction this month now, too.

Coverage that tapped the voice of Progolfar and Ishikawa while playing became a problem in June, '07, and Fukuzawa was apologizing for this program because it threw tears, "Feel responsibility as an integrated chairperson".

Ex-president Shintaro Kubo who resigns : about "Bankisha" , saying that "Discuss it under the new administration" though took care not to commit oneself about discontinuance. 「There cannot be continuing because the top of the bureau resigned. Direction that changes completely taking the opportunity of reedition in spring」(program affiliate)It is seen.  

Does the thorny path of the scandal of "Bankisha" still lead to Fukuzawa's belonging office , saying that "Do not comment though it discusses with the producer" though it refrained from saying?

Kyoko Sasaki

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Kyoko Sasaki ana- (36) of Fuji Telecasting Co. gave birth to the boy who became Neno the first on the 12th.
Caster Tomoaki (61) of Kokura reported by opening in this bureau information program "Dane Tokuno" at the morning of this day.
The 11th is a scheduled date in the Sasaki ana-, and Iu according to the Kokura caster when starting having contractions in the afternoon, and having given birth to the boy at about 45 minutes twelve o'clock in midnight at the time of changed the date.

The Sasaki ana- was served as the caster of "Dane Tokuno" until March this year, and existed in a maternity leave afterwards.

Source: Http://

Nobuko Miyazaki

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Fleet Clive "Another ana-" in which seven announcer Nobuko Miyazaki (29) of Nippon Television Network et al. perform is done in a Shimo-Kitazawa station in Tokyo and Setagaya previous theater on the 20th.
Seven announcers Fretorc it to live this the self-experience story, the hobby, and moving memories and one person traditional comic story telling, etc. besides a usual television at the time limit of ten minutes.

When the image change is attempted in loudness with a .."Escape fool declaration".. heart-warming toque, it is Iu in the television though a foolish character completely is a Miyazaki ana- that is established. Moreover, fat Migimatsu Kenta ana- (30) of the excitement is scheduled to announce the episode etc. of dieting for live that day compared with joining a company.

Besides, Daisuke Sugaya (37), Caske (30), Satoshi Kamishige (29), Genta Aoki (26), and Koga proton (27) ana-s perform.

The source is 

Minako Nakano

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Debut tune "Thirty of" of girl ana- unit "Early Morning" of Minako Nakano (29) of Fuji Telecasting Co. and Takashima Irod (30) is an Oricon single chart dated May 11 and a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus in 12th place.
The log lingua of the order of successive the highest in the single that the announcer released in the past.

The verification lingua, and it is, and the Wisteria lignita is Mali Nin in "Favorite girl ana- ranking" executed here and there again of popular of Nakano as epistatic habitue's Takashima.

However, Nakano is Iu if it cannot be obediently pleased. Information program "Dane Tokuno" selected by the main caster on March 30 in the morning, and the head is full.

Nakano in "Dane Tokuno" is overwhelmed by Kokura chairperson Tomoaki, and "Ornament" state that can hardly be talked continues. A attentive comment cannot be often done even if the topic is shaken from Kokura, and the expression is hard day by day.

The stress ..doing and Nakano of assessing former Kyoko Sasaki high and seeing Nakano severely.. seems to build up and ..".. ..Kokura.. to eat the cake by the 11-deoxycorticosterone acetate. A lot of Nakano effects are a change big till then and exist also as for the audience rating in Ate Kon with on the day when it doesn't reach two digits.

(television affiliate) There is a voice to doubt the Nakano popularity in the bureau, too" Nakano was serving as the caster till then with Takashima by information program "Sitting goodness or more television" in the morning. However, it is one Iu standing in case of being ahead as for 30 years old of the punctuation.

「Nakano was seen as existence of the Aya bread to the end no matter how the audience rating of 'Remarkably' was good. Therefore, 'Dane Tokuno' was decided and Nakano was enthusiastic. The unit of troubled in the 'Dane Tokuno', and Aya bread gets into the news. Nakano is complex. 」(affiliate of the former rising)

When will the smile return to Nakano?


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The Wisteria lignita and it is Matsumura in case of Nippon Television Network and the rice field, and looks when the idol it, Obasa, and the ability sect are the first in NHK.

The broadcasting each bureau is a deployment inside as for "Girl ana- strategy" that puts out the bureau ana- to which the guarantee doesn't hang to the vesical surface. It seems to be able to be said more than the ordinary year this year, the age per "" of the new figure ana- though it is necessary to win the competition to which Tomoi cracks by 1000 times to become a girl ana-.

It is Obasa Yuucaco of NHK that the cry with the man of exceptional talent is especially high (25).
When it is said the first idol ana- in this bureau, and is already expected the future, it is Iu.
The reputation passes one Nami sciences II of The University of Tokyo Shite from the Kobe woman school amount of Hyogo Prefecture by the career.
It graduates from the Department of Medicine health science and the nursing department as the top, and, in addition, it has advanced toward a graduate school medicine system research course.
The terrible one is not only an academic background.
「'Misobmiscampascencontest' in the same year It was elected, 'Miss The University of Tokyo' in 03 immediately after college administration, and ..grand prix.. won it. Media were not sure to leave such her alone, and it served as the reader model of magazine 'KING' in the school days, and the regular performed to 'Brain battle BRAIN―X' of BS Nippon Television Network and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc. 'Kuni wide round tray-' in Obasa. It belongs to The University of Tokyo debate part on the other hand, and it wins 3rd place in the nationwide student debate rally. It can be exactly said it is beautiful and intelligent. 」(production company staff)

Well, there will be another and a watched stock this spring that the good harvest year of the new figure ana-. It is Mio Matsumura (22) in case of looks.
It graduated from Keio University Department of Law, and it joined Fuji Telecasting Co..
「Matsumura belongs to tennis Circle at university days. It is an active sportswoman in a foreign game with another university. However, the face : by blandness, it was able to be in Keio University a lot of fans of her, and doing the fan club. The Wisteria lignita is rumored that the crown program following 'Show bread' of a good Ikuno proton and Ayako's Kato 'Amoora aherniana bread' is given to Matsumura when Matsumura's idol character is assessed. 」(girl ana- watcher)
The end is Marie Ueda of Nippon Television Network Corporation of the ability sect (22). The announcement technology was driven in by course of the training of the profession of this university "Road to the announcer" in an unusual Senshu University graduate in the girl ana-.
The spot of "Yokohama international girl long distance relay" was left to the university in February this year though it was attending school.
「The kendo is a special skill in Ueda, and because university days went to the batting center three times during the week, physical fitness is not a fault. It is skilled. 」(circumstances expert)

High academic background, beautiful woman, and ability sect ....... The talent of this year's new figure ana- is abundant. The enjoyment that watches television seems to increase.

Takuro Morinaga

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「Then, grounds for the divorce were what ..'.. though the ordinary divorce interview and it went.」Hiroyo Yamazaki speaks with the reporter of the charge of public entertainments of the program. For Hagem Fujiwara and Motootsma Jinnai Tomonori by which each other talked about the frame of mind by yesterday (March 24)「An affair is had with the cause of me. I am all bad. 」The cause is Hakkiri lingua because Jinnai easily perceived it.

Takuro Morinaga and the professor of Dokkyo University of "If it is not the resolution because the artist is the one with which an affair is originally had, ......" and a dirty-minded character put out his mouth in the foppery.

It is Yamazaki who responds , saying that "It is thought that maybe, there was a resolution".
"It (fickleness) not is not two people, and is three people but ...... even if it does over again though there were Iu feelings, too. "

Akae Tamao caster who shouts to lose one's temper a little, "How many people?".
It doesn't have the doubt way by being as long as this program is seen though the realities of fickleness remain are making to Moya Moya for cold eyes for the female formation to correspond to Jinnai especially how many people or who either.
The girl ana- four of TBS formed Broadway girls to assist in the visit to Japan musical, and it announced in Tokyo and the Akasaka ACT theater on the 12th. In the one to assist in the visit to Japan musical of "Lento", "Chorus Line", "Chicago" including "Xanadu" under the presentation, and the TBS sponsoring in Tomoko Kubota, Kanae Takeuchi, Yuko Aoki, and 4 of flood Asaginu, this day appears with the clothes dress of "Xanadu".

On stage, the Aoki ana- that sees one scene by the performer :. 「It is happy ..So help me... The body begins to move instinctively. 」With the excitement.

Fuji Telecasting Co.

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The photograph of four new figure announcers of Fuji Telecasting Co. appeared in "This week's FACE" of this bureau site "Announcement magazine" (May 11, 2009).

Four people have not been published in the announcer introduction column of Fuji Telecasting Co. yet.
Four ..the ana- of Mio Matsumura and Akiko Yamanaka ana-s.. people obtain automotive young leaves work respectively and it is reflected in the photograph with general manager Masayuki Sakai.


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Sterculia nobilis 7 to which public relations of world table tennis 2009 were done by impressive advertisement of "Golden Week is table tennis" with eight AK B4 table tennis part made of the selection member of AKB48.

The cognizance degree and popularity seem to have risen because of the exposure of the variety appearance, the spot commercial, the sports paper, and the weekly magazine etc. such as 'Corga of doing too much' that receive the money Dalai to the head though the realities are units by seven female announcers of Television Tokyo Channel 12 Ltd., too.

「Three people at most also in the key bureau though there was a girl ana- unit in the past. Seven people whom it matched to the channel of ground Dege in the tele east, and, and, pink is the table tennis wear of mini Suka & sleeveless type of the base. Then, the topicality is preeminent. 」It is girl ana- watcher's Mr. S that talks.

It is the member maximus and Ohashi unpawn ana- of the leader to have shown the idea of the design though the wear of the gay Do.
It is not possible to believe when thinking before the number year.  It complained by 'Corga of doing too much' when the Ohashi ana- decorated the one side of Tokyo sports.  ..".. (BG) as it had been thought, "Lowest company" ..superior's saying, "It will be Tokyo Sports Shinbun's favor to enlarge previous only for Kon"...

Now..take the lead..that..wear..put on..television..rising..sleep..(same as above) addition..Television Tokyo Channel

My best regards of the Wisteria lignita television the tele east is epoch-making the particular vesical surface of the new figure girl ana- to put though there is a across-the-board of midnight 'A×A (double Ay)' in a program initialed name ..wanting do...  Aiuchi Yuka of the class of joining a company in 2008 and 2 Rena AkimotoExcitement..indication.

I hear .."It can have good feeling like the girl ana- in a good meaning".. highest praise of the Oe Mariko ana- in ..two.. 'Moya Moya-' ..excluding the member of Sterculia nobilis 7.. ..moreover...

To our regret, the activity has ended because Sterculia nobilis 7 is a restrictive unit only for the world table tennis holding period. No exaggeration to say that this.. Television Tokyo Channel 12 Ltd. at the period might have rushed into the girl ana- gold period not to be inferior of remote station however.

Kyoko Sasaki

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The Kyoko Sasaki ana- during a maternity leave gave birth to the eldest son as an employee of Fuji Telecasting Co. before dawn today (May 12).
Following yesterday when the program reporter's marriage was told「Dane Tokuno. Is an auspicious story. 」Caster Tomoaki of Kokura makes meat slacken about the corner of the eye and the jaw.

"The suckling has been licked well with ...... Pichopicho. "Though Ogra is spoken like having seen the baby like a kitten

「The expression. ?Maybe, the person in question doesn't think that he or she says. 」Voice of doubt from three children's father and ana-s of Nobusuke Kasai.

Anyway, "It seemed to be energetic, and for both mother and child, as long as I was glad as the companion" and Ogra were concluded.

By the way, Sasaki is Dane Tokuno taking the opportunity of a maternity leave. It is made to "Graduation" lingua of.
Was Ogra called "Companion" in a nothing but casual sense OB(G) or is Omo bur put something meaning deep?

Sasaki's successor's ana- of Minako Nakano (absence when Africa is being covered now) is intuition word on the inside where the observation that it seems not to like Ogra is persistent the variety show.

Oshita youko

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Tele morning system「Commemoration SP of 100 times of Q」(the 18th and eight o'clock ..later..)Five girl ana- Yoko Oshita (39) of and this bureau et al. challenge Mr. Mitsuru (50) of the anther and the Chinese character quiz confrontation by the sailor blouse appearance.

For the revenge project of Mr. anther defeated because of "Pull out of 50 Chinese character battle people" at the end of last year, the girl ana- army corps appears in the lead-off batter. The Oshita ana- is a Pulmonary regurgitation lingua , saying that "I would like you to see an all-out face of the girl ana-".
It advances Golden in October, '06, and the program is average audience rating 13.1% and fast growth.
The ambition be full of , saying that "(Studied) Common sense is useful also for work" as for ana- (23) of Yue Takeuchi that was prepared and challenged. Moreover, synchronized Japanese representative Gets Adachi and player Noriko of Cawa et al. also appear on the variety program first.

The source is 

zenba takako

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Eyes of the viewer who sees zenba takako (34) have changed completely.

The table place takes charge of the main caster of news programming "NEWS23" (TBS) from April to the renewal lingua night. Tetsuya Chikushi who has died up to now「Full resources report. THE NEWS」Maine will be put for the first time though the Goto Kenji position where was reshuffled. charge of..Ito..young man..other party..vividly..program..partition.

「It becomes one, and amorousness has increased with Gtsu. The hair style changed a little, too and no ..finishing writing... Confidence like the mama who becomes independent by served "..employment.. mama" and has had her shop in Mr. Chikushi and Mr./Ms. Goto up to now and think that it divides Ca the fall. A young Ito ana- is favorite. 」(entertainment analyst Makoto Kanazawa)

To tell the truth, the table place faced the pinch. Such a sense of existence was not able to be shown though it had transfered the register from NHK to TBS by the fanfare. In addition, the divorce of second comes to light in January this year.
Surroundings were large booings to 07 twilight of year the husband of the remarriage for the exposure after catastrophe and one year or more passed.

However, after Maine is left, "23" is a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus lingua in "Report program questionnaire survey" of "Premier broadcast program promotion meeting" that is also splendid the reputation, and composes of 26 big enterprise companies such as Toyota Motor and Panasonic in 10th place.

Maya Kobayashi whom TBS grandly newly established might be a frame of mind of table place and because "Full resources report ――" of Maine was 33th place. 「"..VATU.. 2" is also attractive in middle and advanced age. Perhaps, the single is felt as it is and I feel the charm of the woman who turned it human as for the in fact because it gets over an expectation that it might be expert Sun and various troubles. Amorous of that cannot be put out by Maya Kobayashi even if standing on one's head. 」(Makoto Kanazawa of the former rising)

Is the spring exactly that came to the table place of "Prime of womanhood"?

Mami Watanabe

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Mami's Watanabe "Rival-Imoutohen- of love" sale of DVD commemoration event was held in 3F hall of Tokyo Akihabara and Ishimaru Denki SOFT1.

DVD this time when it becomes the sequel of "Rival-Anehen- of love" to which was put on the market last August "Rival-Imoutohen- of love" strikes, changes, and challenges a lovely faction with Mami of Anehen and usual Mami. americana..laugh..)..hall..laugh..have..Mami.

A favorite love simulation game, and it exposes and the inside the room is the bursting out laughing (BG) eagerly when the talk reaches privately, "It is a game player as usual" such as "It was mortifying for man who had aimed to be risked previously by mother". It liked to read the cartoon besides the game, it was declared, "The day without work is a dress at home", and exerted a nice character.

It appears with the Ilisha elongata Ilisha elongata clothes of vivid pink in the taking a picture Thymus vulgaris of it is not possible to wait. It struck at the toque, it changed, .... expression was shown, and the hall was taken out to World Mami with a plump spilt bust of being about to fall.

It Japan broadcasts on Thursday every week. 「My best regards of Haruna love. Grabiannait *」..drinking.. regular is Mami who is taking an active part by many fields as the duty etc.
The expectation size in her future.


sakura Ayumi

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DVD'NU IMAGE' by which gravure idol's sakura Ayumi becomes the fourth totaling piece on April 24 is released.

H cup of the bust 100cm is cherry blossoms Ayumi of sales in the height of 149cm.
In latest DVD, a threshold very limit schott of a plump body of the boast being about to burst is shown.

Basically, the breast that was her one's most charming feature was stressed.
A lot of scenes are put, and the scene to which the breast of being about to overflow from sexy clothes of undergarment in the bikini shakes is a viewpoint.

The scene that cannot be overlooked. do not become it the uniform appearance in the beach moreover
This is suitable for Rorifeis, and the scene where cherry blossoms of the edge glasses take off clothes is indescribably painful.

Moreover, a too obscene make the breast dirty by the one that seems to be the chocolate scene also : in the scene that places the popsicle between the intermammary sulcus.
The T-back appearance etc. are collected to the scene bound to red wool and the scene in the bathroom.

The event that commemorates the sale of this DVD is held in the Sofmap music cash dispenser pavilion (15:00-) in Tokyo and Akihabara on May 9.

Haruna hana

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The Haruna hana of the gravure idol paid attention to danced and ..DVD '.. held the sale commemoration event of' ( former: Eyre control now on sale 3990 yen) of the nasus with a marvelous K cup in Tokyo and Akihabara on the sixth.

The Haruna nasus that debuted this year already releases the DVD2 crop list.
This DVD taken a picture of in Okinawa in the end of November last year shows a sexy schott on the jacuzzi, the bed, and the beach, etc. though overflows with the bikini bathing suit etc. K cup of the concealed boast, and the viewpoint is ..Haruna.. ..".. place in which it plays in the jacuzzi.

The jacuzzi was terrible and happy though was the first time. The Pulmonary regurgitation , saying that Of course, it puts on the bathing suit". In addition, the red bathing suit recorded on the back side of the jacket is ..".. Ssme, too.
Good parentheses feeling.
It was spoken, This scene was collected in a veranda point".

The comment who seems to be the new figure also : , saying that "After all, it was shameful" though it became two crop lists by this DVD.
It blushed , saying that "In taking a picture with the garden, water was poured in the shower and it was ..Rito who had gotten on the Valence bowl for the first time.. shameful".

Moreover, a close scene of licking and eating the Musa sapientum placed between the intermammary sulcus is collected in this work. ..".. (BG) with cold Musa sapientum. The Iu anxiety was it was likely to collapse if it held out by this (breast) and it pushed. It did not privately place it.

Beer bottle?I do not actually think that it wants to do though it ....peel.. Hasa.. thinks of.
However, the Musa sapientum was spoken, (..laughter..)" ..the great favorite it...

Hitomi Aizawa

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Hitomi Aizawa appears in music moving image feature "Best hit gravure" by a popular idol in notice assignment in GyaO.

"Best hit gravure" in which it can enjoy appearance that popular idols such as sexy video clips like gravure announce singing voice with too bold clothes.

.."He of me is left-handedness".. sing enthusiastically of Hitomi "Boobs Bancho" Aizawa this time in usual gravure in a sexy Bontage appearance of the cute bathing suit not so shown and Hesso putting out & Hami milk. Enough and it ..plump body.. announces expressing it by the whole body of pure maiden Gocoro. It is not possible to take one's eyes off the shaking I cup bust.

Yashiro minase

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In " gravure Net" of portal site MouRa that Kodansha Publishers Ltd. manages, notice assignment of taking the lower photograph of it is possible to consider Yasshiro.

A slender body of 165cm appears in " gravure Net" to deliver popular idol's taking lower photograph and broadband moving image and being possible to consider Yasshiro about the charm appears. Consider that every duality is curvaceously expressed in Yashiro if you are man. Which is her true on earth?A plump bust of 88cm that seems to spill from the small bathing suit is attention, too.

The attention fee is 1,050 yen a month. Partially, the sample image and the moving image have been disclosed free of charge.

(Kosuke Orimoto @RBB 2009 March 17th 17:37 of)

urabe isoka

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Isono of the gravure idol () urabe isoka held the sale commemoration event of DVD 'Growth training' in Tokyo and Akihabara on the 14th.

It takes a picture of this DVD that becomes the third bounce of "Micro Lolita" series that picks up the woman of the height 150cm or less in Tochigi and Nasu. A sexy scene of Bokube who shoots an unbalanced charm at the height 149cm with a rich bust is a contents of full loading.

Especially, in the scene of the kimono to image harmony「It was glad for the first kimono to be put on. Little by little..take off..scene..undergarment..wear..dangerous..laugh..).However, I want you to see because the best favorite. 」With Bokube.
On the other hand, when the thing of independence is worn, it is Iu in the scene of the undergarment. The happening also .."...... ..suitable of the size.. when putting it on in situ . Taking a picture of my undergarment putting it on was terrible and shameful".. :.
Moreover,「In the scene to which the ice cream is spread, it has become Hen because M character. Shite is feeling and (BG) as it is how. 」The meaning deep remark shot out solving, too.

Moreover, Bokube who appeals for versatility has a lot of qualifications, and with the qualification of the first small craft class very much, is Iu.
「Fishing is a hobby. I do not think the sea to want to fish though the ayu or Akebi had been caught before. 」With the salary.
It is Iu now in case of every day of the study of the certified psychiatric social worker.
It talked about the dream , saying that "I wanted to become a counsellor who went out to media in the future".

My Komi journal

Fatty dollar

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Recently, faction Gradol "Fatty dollar" and Ayaka (24) puffily put latest DVD "Super-plumping VS braggart army corps" (Vega factory and 3990 yen) on the market popularly in the magazine etc.

"" body of J cup of bust 114 centimeters every height 157 centimeters. It is criticized intensely at this time though it seems to be crushed by meat as my for free Oppai such as bullying of the braggart of a standard braggart Ero interview and the Jo nurse.


Kurosaki Erika

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Gravure idol Kurosaki Erika (24) puts DVD "Fresh Eye" (Grasso and 3990 yen) on the market on the 22nd.

Height one meter 74 is not Date. Krosaki where the inter-high school competition participation experience exists in volleyball, too the first challenges the beach volleyball this time. A perfect body of B86W59H88 is made to throb while being taken the foot in the sand that doesn't become accustomed. Moreover, it changes radically from an energetic sports scene, and sexy one side also :. The appearance like a damp adult who shows it to braless with Croshita has the value of the glance.

The hobby of a former athlete and Krosaki is cutouts. The expert shows the ability to own blog though the work is sometimes opened to the public. The talent is exerted to play volleyball differing again and unexpectedly (?).

The image : the source here.
It is a decision lingua pattern according to a previous notice of DTM magazine special issue "Borcaroid CV03 Megot Luca" that radio actor's Mr. (19) Nacagema is appointed to Borcaroid for the next term that the Inter Co., Ltd. net (hereafter, Internet company) puts on the market as a singer.
To this extra number of the sale with Mr./Ms. Nakashima according to a previous notice on the second
The Internet company and representative Murakami's interview will be published.

Krypton Future media Ltd. and the Internet company obtain and are selling Borcaroid the license of YAMAHA CORPORATION in Japan-domestic.
" is put on the market, and Mr./Ms. Nakashima becomes the second person ..the appointment of the Internet company of singer's of last year Mr. Gackt.. ..Borcaroid "...

Mr./Ms. Nakashima debuts by "Macros F" Laon of animated cartoon Eucalyptus diversicolor post in 2007.
As the singer, TB S system besides the insertion song 'Interstellar flight' of "Macros F" and OP 'Lion'. 「Love. Quintuplets」The theme song 'Nostalgia' etc. have been released.

DTM magazine special issue "Borcaroid CV03 Megot Luca" Previous notice

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