It reported that singer's misono(24) was asleep in the sofa by own blog.
It is Iu if there is too no money for the guarantee to enter the office as a matter of fact by not the commission system but the salaries system though the multitude seems to perform to the variety program recently, and to earn corresponding.


The state "Light and fuel expenses, carrying, food cost, and clothes (Because plain clothes) Giri" though salaries from the office went up a little since May.

Is even the popular person unexpectedly little the income as said, "Revenue of leprosy as well as the white-collar worker" even when the rat senior of the singer who announced one's retirement the other day sells?

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
It appears in the preview event of the movie 'Last Brad' that singer's misono gathers 50 high school girls in Tokyo on the 19th and is done in the sailor blouse appearance. Misono to make "The sailor blouse is popular" and posture in which "It is popular" is always considered looked confesses the disappointed love experience of "Fra in Uti and six person serial" and the pasts. However, it was not discouraged because of this, said, "Always fall in love", and "It was not good if not appealing" and were put in the high school girls' consultations of "It is shy" love.

Misono introduced by the chairperson , saying that "Love mastering" : ..sailor blouse.. having the Japanese sword and on the platform as well as the hero and the spread of the movie that performs Chong Gehyon of actress of South Korea. Own love diathesis「(Shinagawa Shoshi)Shinagawa (Yu) Mr. reason and love Torynorrhina japonica. It falls in love like the Torynorrhina japonica that hits the glass Bang Bang (insect). 」With the analysis lingua.
Moreover, "It is coming near Masuyo near when a good-looking person is seen in the train" and it reversely questions misono that receives the consultation from one of the high school girls , saying that "It is not called even if there is a favorite person".
High school girls in the hall are seen to refuse all together. 「What?Everyone doesn't do. Because..good-looking."is said in case of Uti ..making friends... It is not good if not appealing. 」It scolded.  In addition..another..high school girl..associate..last long..unburden one's troubles..understand..girls..toque..lamplight..do..finish..rise.

"It wants the man to hold out love fast though it is said that a herbivorous boy is popular" and it ..story of a movie active of the woman ..misono in the end.... aspires to pulling against each other.
Rousing was urged aiming at men of the world said becoming obedience.
The movie 'Last Brad' the whole country is opened to the public on May 29.

The source is http://beauty.oricon.co.jp/news/66240/full/
Fact that public entertainments reporter life and deepens one's conviction three years and every day. It is "Most talents are the Ii people. "
Especially ..that.., it came round and, some time ago in the beautiful woman of the character only of the jump, it met.

It is a singer and misono. Kansai. 「Quiz. Hex gon II」The variety program, and a segregation doing, and popular hight.

It attends the event in Osaka and Midosuji on this day. The forcing schedule that returned to Tokyo before the day is out.
Though it is grateful according to the interview only it is possible to get it ....

It began to display the chair voluntarily , saying that "It apologizes that only I sat". Being surprised : reporters.

In addition, when the staff who was the worry about the time of Shinkansen tries to finish having an interview「It gets and it is ..-.. short. Because it is possible to cover with great pains. 」The extension was done repeatedly many times, and it gave it to the question politely.

"I'm sorry for becoming it like "It is busy ..me.."" when it finally becomes time full, and the hall is left and the bow. Reporters are harmony.

Do You bet it is?Innocent speech and behavior of the peculiar characteristic is in the best condition. "The story is ..Ee.. ..boiling.. ~ . Because to selling absolutely. " in the topic in new song "end=START" put on the market on June 10 at the very beginning. It was made to turn pale, and it was comical.  surrounding Otona

The innocent Sawa, as seen on the television really. It is a honest person. Moreover, if it is possible to pay it attention if coming to popularity consent. And, etc. the pinko of Tsume at that time
(cultural city news department and Atsushi Kuwahara)




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