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Eyes of the viewer who sees zenba takako (34) have changed completely.

The table place takes charge of the main caster of news programming "NEWS23" (TBS) from April to the renewal lingua night. Tetsuya Chikushi who has died up to now「Full resources report. THE NEWS」Maine will be put for the first time though the Goto Kenji position where was reshuffled.

Broadcast..time..shorten..Okayama..sports..in charge of..Ito..young man..other party..vividly..program..partition.

「It becomes one, and amorousness has increased with Gtsu. The hair style changed a little, too and no ..hair.. ..finishing writing... Confidence like the mama who becomes independent by served "..employment.. mama" and has had her shop in Mr. Chikushi and Mr./Ms. Goto up to now and think that it divides Ca the fall. A young Ito ana- is favorite. 」(entertainment analyst Makoto Kanazawa)

To tell the truth, the table place faced the pinch. Such a sense of existence was not able to be shown though it had transfered the register from NHK to TBS by the fanfare. In addition, the divorce of second comes to light in January this year.
Surroundings were large booings to 07 twilight of year the husband of the remarriage for the exposure after catastrophe and one year or more passed.

However, after Maine is left, "23" is a rank Dipterocarpus tuberculatus lingua in "Report program questionnaire survey" of "Premier broadcast program promotion meeting" that is also splendid the reputation, and composes of 26 big enterprise companies such as Toyota Motor and Panasonic in 10th place.

Maya Kobayashi whom TBS grandly newly established might be a frame of mind of table place and because "Full resources report ――" of Maine was 33th place. 「"..VATU.. 2" is also attractive in middle and advanced age. Perhaps, the single is felt as it is and I feel the charm of the woman who turned it human as for the in fact because it gets over an expectation that it might be expert Sun and various troubles. Amorous of that cannot be put out by Maya Kobayashi even if standing on one's head. 」(Makoto Kanazawa of the former rising)

Is the spring exactly that came to the table place of "Prime of womanhood"?


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