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Kyoko Sasaki

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Kyoko Sasaki ana- (36) of Fuji Telecasting Co. gave birth to the boy who became Neno the first on the 12th.
Caster Tomoaki (61) of Kokura reported by opening in this bureau information program "Dane Tokuno" at the morning of this day.
The 11th is a scheduled date in the Sasaki ana-, and Iu according to the Kokura caster when starting having contractions in the afternoon, and having given birth to the boy at about 45 minutes twelve o'clock in midnight at the time of changed the date.

The Sasaki ana- was served as the caster of "Dane Tokuno" until March this year, and existed in a maternity leave afterwards.

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Kyoko Sasaki

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The Kyoko Sasaki ana- during a maternity leave gave birth to the eldest son as an employee of Fuji Telecasting Co. before dawn today (May 12).
Following yesterday when the program reporter's marriage was told「Dane Tokuno. Is an auspicious story. 」Caster Tomoaki of Kokura makes meat slacken about the corner of the eye and the jaw.

"The suckling has been licked well with ...... Pichopicho. "Though Ogra is spoken like having seen the baby like a kitten

「The expression. ?Maybe, the person in question doesn't think that he or she says. 」Voice of doubt from three children's father and ana-s of Nobusuke Kasai.

Anyway, "It seemed to be energetic, and for both mother and child, as long as I was glad as the companion" and Ogra were concluded.

By the way, Sasaki is Dane Tokuno taking the opportunity of a maternity leave. It is made to "Graduation" lingua of.
Was Ogra called "Companion" in a nothing but casual sense OB(G) or is Omo bur put something meaning deep?

Sasaki's successor's ana- of Minako Nakano (absence when Africa is being covered now) is intuition word on the inside where the observation that it seems not to like Ogra is persistent the variety show.


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