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Mami Watanabe

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Mami's Watanabe "Rival-Imoutohen- of love" sale of DVD commemoration event was held in 3F hall of Tokyo Akihabara and Ishimaru Denki SOFT1.

DVD this time when it becomes the sequel of "Rival-Anehen- of love" to which was put on the market last August "Rival-Imoutohen- of love" strikes, changes, and challenges a lovely faction with Mami of Anehen and usual Mami. americana..laugh..)..hall..laugh..have..Mami.

A favorite love simulation game, and it exposes and the inside the room is the bursting out laughing (BG) eagerly when the talk reaches privately, "It is a game player as usual" such as "It was mortifying for man who had aimed to be risked previously by mother". It liked to read the cartoon besides the game, it was declared, "The day without work is a dress at home", and exerted a nice character.

It appears with the Ilisha elongata Ilisha elongata clothes of vivid pink in the taking a picture Thymus vulgaris of it is not possible to wait. It struck at the toque, it changed, .... expression was shown, and the hall was taken out to World Mami with a plump spilt bust of being about to fall.

It Japan broadcasts on Thursday every week. 「My best regards of Haruna love. Grabiannait *」..drinking.. regular is Mami who is taking an active part by many fields as the duty etc.
The expectation size in her future.



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