Ueto Ayaの最近のブログ記事

It is moved deeply by "A-N" of Ishikawa and Ueto Aya.

It co-stars in new CM of : of Ueto Aya of Ishikawa player and the actress of Progolfar 'Prunus amygdalus chocolate' and (Lotte). "A-N" and the scene that will be eaten are viewpoints, and the Ishikawa player has been deeply moved from the drinker , saying that "Became CM that remained very much in memories".

This CM that golf rally of fictitious becomes stage. The approach skipping a nice schott of the participating Ishikawa player when the commentator regenerated by a super-slow image and the door reflected, and it ..this merchandise.. was made to eat , saying that "A-N" a momentary Ishikawa player who took a swing at the ball. The story of comical is progressed.

Two people that making eating timing often difficultly fought hard more than imagination in taking a picture. The Ueto Aya amended the angle of the hand, and afterwards, the trial and error was done repeatedly as the Ishikawa player fine-tuned the direction of the face, and "A-N" scene for which the breath was suitable was completed.

When co-starring in CM of 'Ghanian milk chocolate' (this company), "It was possible to enjoy it terribly though it was thought that it strained to this distance feeling. " in this CM last year though it was an Ishikawa player such as the turgescences and Gatigati. As saying etc. , the Ueto Aya is "The wall was lost .... ..(Between two people).." through taking a picture to contract a distance each other.

The chapter of new CM of 'Super-slowness' to show a strange combination for two people to exceed is broadcast on Monday, the 25th.

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