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The Haruna hana of the gravure idol paid attention to danced and ..DVD '.. held the sale commemoration event of' (..sale.. former: Eyre control now on sale 3990 yen) of the nasus with a marvelous K cup in Tokyo and Akihabara on the sixth.

The Haruna nasus that debuted this year already releases the DVD2 crop list.
This DVD taken a picture of in Okinawa in the end of November last year shows a sexy schott on the jacuzzi, the bed, and the beach, etc. though overflows with the bikini bathing suit etc. K cup of the concealed boast, and the viewpoint is ..Haruna.. ..".. place in which it plays in the jacuzzi.

The jacuzzi was terrible and happy though was the first time. The Pulmonary regurgitation , saying that Of course, it puts on the bathing suit". In addition, the red bathing suit recorded on the back side of the jacket is ..".. Ssme, too.
Good parentheses feeling.
It was spoken, This scene was collected in a veranda point".

The comment who seems to be the new figure also : , saying that "After all, it was shameful" though it became two crop lists by this DVD.
It blushed , saying that "In taking a picture with the garden, water was poured in the shower and it was ..Rito who had gotten on the Valence bowl for the first time.. shameful".

Moreover, a close scene of licking and eating the Musa sapientum placed between the intermammary sulcus is collected in this work. ..".. (BG) with cold Musa sapientum. The Iu anxiety was it was likely to collapse if it held out by this (breast) and it pushed. It did not privately place it.

Beer bottle?I do not actually think that it wants to do though it ....peel.. Hasa.. thinks of.
However, the Musa sapientum was spoken, (..laughter..)" ..the great favorite it...


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