Ayami Sawadaの最近のブログ記事

The height held it, and it had the bust of I cup of 96cm in diminutive, and Ayami Sawada who had already come up in conversation with gravure etc. held the sale commemoration event of DVD'NU IMAGE' (spice visual) with 154cm.

Coverage: First DVD. When and where did you take a picture?
Ayami Sawada: It took a picture to the middle in December in Okinawa.

Coverage: Okinawa was how?
Ayami Sawada: Okinawa loved, was able to take a picture by going many times naturally, and was very good.

Coverage: Does a recommended scene :?
Ayami Sawada: Were you able to take a picture by settling down from two Hime though strained the first day?I like scenes where it plays in the park putting on a uniform. (BG) that becomes feelings that returned when it is junior high school student.

Coverage: Does the bathing suit that you may put on :?
Ayami Sawada: Clothes like the marine alga were interesting. After that, to make the shell a bathing suit, the trial and error was repeated in situ. It likes the scene to make the flower a bathing suit though the bathing suit of the shell was not able to be worn after all.

About when does growth ....coverage:.. bust.. : with 96cm though it is large?
Ayami Sawada: After it had entered the high school, it grew little by little. Is about one size a year?

Coverage: Is the breast big and have it gained it?
- ..Ayami Sawada:.. (BG). The shoulder decreases the one that clothes are suited, too, and absorbs and .... I want to become small a little more.

Coverage: Does the chance of the debut :?
Ayami Sawada: The scout was done. It came first to be thought, "It was ..wanting the attempt.." on the way though it was not interested.

Coverage: Is there a talent of the yearning?
Ayami Sawada: It is Mr. Yuka. It loves for a long time.

Coverage: Does the impression of today's event :?
Ayami Sawada: It is terrible and a turgescence stripes lingua. (With the taking a picture Thymus vulgaris. )Was it about three months that the lens on a camera was turned, and was the pose awkward?It has sweated.

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