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[Aii] and very limit limit "Supernatural body" H cup 2010.6.18 05:00

Bikini models who pose for cheesecake photo collections and [Aii] (21) put photograph collection "Ai Life" (crocodilian books and 3150 yen) on the market on the 19th. Lolita..face..contrary..plump..body..rose..bouquet..cup..fore buttocks..conceal..limit..very limit..shot..challenge."It would be better to be able to feel it to familiarity or more because it took a picture by the supernatural body" and PR.

The sale commemoration event is held in Tokyo and the [**ke] bookstore Shinjuku Subnade shop at 1:00PM of the 19th.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
The fan was taken along on the 11th when Aragaki yui received the birthday of 21 years old as an actress and the Bath tour of sightseeing in Tokyo was done.
It boards the wrapping bus that does PR, and bus conductress feelings of second step album "hug" put on the market on the 17th completely. The highest blessing is received from the fan of 21 people invited according to the age. 「It was happy. Hereafter, I want to be going to do in year when a lot of smiles are. 」It solved and Gakkesmail was able to be played.

The cloudy weather in the morning changes radically, and the sky in Tokyo that clears completely in blue. Gakkesmail was able to be played like the Giragira shining sun.
「It cleared up. It was lucky. A random tour, it is ..tension regulator.. high. 」。
Drawing and the illustration of the bear that lowered ..own board first time jacket of album.. ..wanting to do the Corabo.. ..body of "Hug Bath".. dance with Hato Bus. Departure of 21 people chosen by lottery by about 15,000 people and sea breeze parks in Shinagawa Ward Higashiyashio, and commemoration taking a picture in Odaiba kaihin-koen first of all at 2:55PM. The inducement to sands in front of the rainbow bridge.  shake the flag

Arakaki turned into the bus conductress also in the car. When handmade "It does and descend" is distributed, "Play riddles rally" conceived at midnight the day before is held. The mike was set, and it served as the chairperson to the hand, and five questions such as "Place that was able to be smiling even if standing on one's head" (The correct answer is Urawa) were set.
It goes sightseeing continuously in Tokyo Tower in Minatoku Shibakoen. It reaches the belonging record company in Shibuya Ward Jinnan via Warner Music at a restaurant. It performed to the radio programs collected in this shop, and the birthday was celebrated with all fans. The fire of the cake is blown, put out, the painting materials set is presented from the program, and the ends are stoutly handshakes to 21 people. 16 total mileage kilo. The hour of bliss passed until 7:15.
The fan that cannot do participation is good news this time. Basstsar is planned again for those who join the formula fan club site by the purchase of a new album at the July-August.
「About what is talked ..whether do... The barbecue is done in the sea. I do not want must to do "Love Vanna" before the pillow is brought in and it sleeps when you are a girl alone. 」。Gakke to have grown up a little was a fan and Tool again.

Other images : here.  jpg  Arakaki Yui who expands flag of Bath tour voluntarily designed against the backdrop of ino/news/090612/gnj0906120506012-n1.htm Tokyo Tower and shows smile


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