Hikaru Nishidaの最近のブログ記事

It turns out that housewife Hikaru Nishida is making remarks, "The slum dog millionaire was downloaded and seen" by own blog in the talent. The movie 'Slum dog $millionaire' commented to the crew as at 20 according to Gaga that was opening the highest praise to the public in Japan, and distributed it in May, 2009, "The long run screening has been almost fixed".

'Slum dog $millionaire' that is sure to be seen only in the movie theater is downloaded and seen. ?
It is thought that this 'Slum dog $millionaire' can be downloaded and be seen by two methods.

In one, "The download rental system is used" and another one is "The movie data up-loaded on the Internet illegal is downloaded. "The former is a specification not seen in Japan, and if Hikaru Nishida downloads and saw 'Slum dog $millionaire' in Japan, .......

The language "Download" is from a blog by Mr./Ms. Nishida to erasing, and the comment "The slum dog millionaire was seen" only at present however.

When the crew covered in Hikaru Nishida's belonging office (Namaseprodaction) and looked for the talk of this, the curious fact turned out very much.

「The language "Download" was erased from the blog on the office side thinking that the language of download was inappropriate. Hereafter, I will think Myo confirmation Shite because it doesn't take the confirmation in Nishida himself. 」being saidVery, it was judged that the office was inappropriate and erased the language "Download".

Hereafter, the full text : here.


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