TV personality/talentの最近のブログ記事

TV personality Kaori Manabe is reporting, "The cornea was damaged" by the blog. The article is May 21, 2009.
It went from the change of the left eye with the feeling of foreign body into the soreness to the ophthalmology department, and it was said so by the doctor.
「Please the cornea has been damaged a little, and right now remove contacting and pierce the eye medicine. Please do not do contacting until recovering. 」

However, glasses are in the house. This day was spent by the naked eye reluctantly because there was time to return to taking. "This was a considerable adventure. "

Because the difference was not seen, it stumbled many times, and the position in which money is put is not understood in the vending machine.
I hear, "Doing that buries with the gem of the color color light and attaches and little state of Electrical Parade" because it seems that it shines around there when the night comes.

However, the cause that the cornea is damaged is "Slept without taking contacting of the left eye alone. "This surprising blunder joked when it is because going to sleep was too good.
Such Manabe is connecting it with "Sleep at 40 seconds from now".


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