Sawajiri ericaの最近のブログ記事

Sawajiri erica (24) shakes and reels the topic again by fashion magazine "Numero TOKYO" of the sale this week.
Nakedness is exposed over page 20, and it twines with three foreigner men and it ..Yutaka milk.. withers in the massage fern.
The divorce riot with husband's Goseong Tsyoshishi and "Half Kets" riot in the event can be called Shin'itadaki of scandalous Sawajiri, and there seem to be a back circumstances, too.

Office transfering the register of problem of the greatest that Sawajiri holds.
Transfering the register is not suitable in belonging of the office in Spain where Mr. Goseong does the management now and the state of public entertainments that it is not possible to act continues.
The event of the mind in that situation to which having performed exposed "Half Kets".

However, this seems to be a big failure, and to hit the bosom of Sawajiri directly.
Because Sawajiri sold a slim body of Piccapica by CM character of "Nashi Takano", the half Kets riot was a contrition.

「She can obtain the contract price assumed to be 200 million yen by the aggregate amount if made to the series according to schedule ....CM.. schedule of being made to the series... However, it becomes single-engined because of the riot and the following are not decided. Then, it might have been thought that a slim, beautiful hip was announced and it was going to wipe out the image of half Kets. I think that it strongly appealed to the Takano side this time. 」(CM planner)

Nashi Takano was actually considered, and Takano's esthetics stressed the effect to Sawajiri of "Numero".

Beginning this project is an Sawajiri person in question.
Kimo divides, and when the project when what circumstances exist is interesting, "Run-away" of the erica externals is a very welcome.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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