The hall is enchanted by "I want to make it to Dokitsu" Becky and an adult taking off. (  15:00 May 21, 2009)

TV personality Becky was appointed to the promotion character of the hard disk video camera 'Ebrio' of Victor Company of Japan and it attended the symposium held in Tokyo on the 21st.
It appealed in case of "I wanted to make the color person's being made Dokitsu with Core ..Becky who appeared in being Yosoo ..radical change and "Adult"....", and the hall was enchanted with an energetic usual image.

Becky appointed to the promotion character of this merchandise that develops "Two 1post" comprising the moving image taking a picture and the still picture taking a picture with the concept appeals for usual "It is bright and fresh" and one" "Such as fashionable and adults it in addition to the image in the merchandise poster.
「The part that had not been so shown was able to be shown. If you can know such Becky」The appearance of the Daima foot to the finish.

Becky who appeared with the dress that opens the back is "Everyone is not only sensorium Shite though it puts on such clothes (Usual also :)" and Potsri. It is spoken that it likes to take the moving image even if it is private. 「(comedian)The moving image of Yagi (Masumi) Mr. in the savanna been sent by Daisuke Miyakawa is favorite. A natural point where the native was exceeded is loved. 」It solved and the love call was sent.

Moreover, the marriage of the Ishii regular of Hitoshi Matsumoto and ant to Metrioptera brachyptera in Downtown and comedians is lip services "It is likely to be going to marry tomorrow because the world where what happens is not understood" from ..continuation.. , Becky's mouth. Still, about an essential other party「It is not. (Ardent love also :. )At present, it is not still. 」It made, and reporters had been rolled in smoke. HD memory camera "EverioX" "GZ-X900" is put on the market in the beginning of June.



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