Popular idol group and AKB48's customary event 'Request hour set list best 100' (19-22 holding) was done with TOKYO DOME CITY HALL on the 20th, and it was announced that 47 nationwide administrative divisions concert would be held in Ang Kor.
The tour that AKB48 all over turns to undecided round nationwide various places is the first time at time.
Seeing got excited and 2000 spectators got excited over pleasure in all Takahashi Minami , saying that "We live in meeting in the place where you lived" when the voice was raised.

In addition, JKT48 of the sisters group appears, too and "I wanted to meet" is announced.
AKB48 will : for the first time in base ground Indonesia Jakarta of JKT48 on the 25th of next month.
It was announced to hold the concert. The member of JKT48 appealed , saying that "You also must come to Jakarta" when Yuki Kashiwagi reported to the fan, "Appeared on a stage with all JKT" in fluent Japanese.

Source..Oricon..style..image..AKB48..first..whole country..administrative divisions..tour..performance..announcement..photograph..left..all..see..Takahashi..all..see..Yuki..photograph..left..all..see..Takahashi..all..see..Yuki.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
The center was won by "Toss selection", it responded in Mousa of the theatrical agency including Mayumi Uchida (17) who had turned "Order of Changsu" in 2010, and (18) responded to the exclusive interview Chisato Nakata (20) of belonging AKB48 members and Sayaka Nakatani (19) ..Tanabe.. by birth. Uchida heartily recollects last year and is "2011 even year seem to be this condition, to go, and want to be me fast with piercing Susumu. " , saying that "Became one year that changed terribly in the latter half".
Nakata who received the birthday of 20 years old is enthusiastic , saying that "I want ..more attractive adult.. to do in year when Sagan can be put out". Nakatani set targets "It was possible to climb it as a radio actor" and respectively, and the voice was arranged, "Suitably ..asking stripes.. ..becoming empty.. ! this year" and the smile were shaken, and it reeled it.

Japan is good country!
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Yuko Oshima (22) of AKB48 is writing the routine occurrence at the New Year by the blog.

Oshima「It decides at the New Year and snowboard comes to Coco. 」It affixes and it introduces the photograph of the snowboard fashion.
"Rito and this that the spa enters, too shall not be hows to spend the Oshima family New Year of every year" and Oshima families seem to do snowboard every year, to be soaked to the spa, and to be spending the New Year. Finally, it ..fan.. greets "..I'm ready.. my best regards in case of the appearance by skiing ground".


Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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