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Popular idol group and AKB48's customary event 'Request hour set list best 100' (19-22 holding) was done with TOKYO DOME CITY HALL on the 20th, and it was announced that 47 nationwide administrative divisions concert would be held in Ang Kor.
The tour that AKB48 all over turns to undecided round nationwide various places is the first time at time.
Seeing got excited and 2000 spectators got excited over pleasure in all Takahashi Minami , saying that "We live in meeting in the place where you lived" when the voice was raised.

In addition, JKT48 of the sisters group appears, too and "I wanted to meet" is announced.
AKB48 will : for the first time in base ground Indonesia Jakarta of JKT48 on the 25th of next month.
It was announced to hold the concert. The member of JKT48 appealed , saying that "You also must come to Jakarta" when Yuki Kashiwagi reported to the fan, "Appeared on a stage with all JKT" in fluent Japanese.

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Japan is good country!
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Takahashi . also who is member of derivation unit Norsrebs that put 1st album 'Norsrebs' on the market as captain of popular idol group and AKB48's team A on New Year's DayRecently, it was confessed, "The charm was felt in Tatsuya Ishii by the desire of ..such wonderful man.." according to the interview of ORICON STYLE.

Takahashi who was the fan of the U.S. U.S. club from former「There was an occasion to be able to sing together, and it was possible to meet. Then, ..such wonderful man.. feeling the charm in Tatsuya Ishii by the desire of ... (Tewara. )It saw in the presence, it talked, and really wonderful one. I thought parentheses Ii of the man for the first time. 」The impression when co-starring in done '2010 the FNS songs festival' was talked about last December.

In addition, it appears on this program. 「We may ..inside where the artist who has seen.. ..".. dance. We safe?!"has become shameful. 」The member was led as a captain of team A, and when the event in 2010 by contraries was the most shameful, it showed that it was Wara it was possible to shine to a lot of current programs though it was a woman who had performed.

Takahashi confessed to be "The charm was felt in Tatsuya Ishii".

Japan is good country!
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It was exposed to this member and seeing from which it was recently familiar with Younosai Ojima also that was derivation unit Norsrebs in popular idol group and AKB48's members according to the interview of ORICON STYLE by the pet name of "" all Minegishi, "There is a suspected small satan".

Minegishi of having awoken to "Girl" recently「The fashion, it is Nehru, and it has not been interested up to now. However, the reactionary comes suddenly. I think that it wants to become lovely if Haruna is seen because it becomes it. Therefore, the beauty parlor to which Haruna has gone is followed, and it goes to Nehru. ..(.. ..laughter..) like younger sister it who is mimicking her elder sister」The youngest child yellowtail of Norsrebs is produced.

All Takahashi, in addition, this group while seeing is said, "Type (BG) that will be taken in children's juggling balls in the near future . It is good at gesture of ..desire.."「I think it is good when there is such a younger sister to So help me. Is unrestrained Tsndere of the liberty like the cat?It is filled with Bun and that the cat cannot keep. 」It is Iu in a character pretty of Minegishi when healed.

Even if it is private, 3 people, and it is ..friend.. Minegishi who says, "If it is a friend, it is parents, too it is sisters, too and there can be three people, too it is good or thinks in it because it becomes it".
1st album long-awaited 'Norsrebs' in which such a desire of three people is blocked is put on the market on January 1.

Younosai Ojima of Norsrebs (From the left) and seeing and Minegishi all Takahashi.


Japan is good country!
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