Maeda Atsuko/Shinoda Maiko/Itano Tomomiの最近のブログ記事

"AKB48 ..knowing... " if it is said the idol project where attention is attracted most in Japan now.
The activity with the exclusive use theaters in Tokyo and Akihabara used to be the main at first, enlargements of fan layer in the steadiness afterwards though the extent favoured to a part of fan.
The existence favoured by a lot of people as popular idol group "Storm" and two tops 10 are monopolized in single sales in 2010 recently.

Sooner or later, the member who belongs to this AKB48 is holding an ardent man fan to of each by an attractive girl not inferior alone.
When having asked who was good, it was 《 Mariko Shinoda 》 that there were a lot of people who favoured it most if it was assumed that it enjoyed date by kimono appearance in such them at New Year
The kimono said that it doesn't suit the westerner figure doesn't have the change in the beauty though it is natural to suit only the owner of an active style as an exclusive model of women's magazines 'MORE' even if it puts on what kind of clothes either.
When such a wonderful woman is standing in the next in the kimono appearance, it seems to forget the wish to the god.

It was 《 Atsuko Maeta 》 active as a center member as well as 《 Mariko Shinoda 》 to continue to 2nd place.
A lot of hearts of the man are gripped with Gattiri in AKB48 where a unique member becomes complete though a so-called character "Natural girl" by friendly atmosphere and smile pretty.
The beautiful black hair made Sarasara also that is one of the features of her seems to shine further in case of the kimono appearance though often hears of the story "Black hair matches to the kimono".

Besides this, it is a terrible point of AKB48 that an equally as 《 Tomomi Itano 》 and 《 Yuko Oshima 》, etc. attractive member is keeping from though 《 Mariko Shinoda 》 and 《 Atsuko Maeta 》 won 1st place and 2nd place to similar "Person ranking that wants to do to her in AKB48" in this ranking.
What consequence do it become in the next ranking?

*1.100 Tamarico
*2. Atsuko 61 Maeta
*3. Tomomi 50 Itano
*4. Yuko 40 Oshima
*5. Younosai 26 Ojima
*6. 23 Takahashi
*7. Yuki 22 Kashiwagi
*8. Mayu 12 Watanabe
*9. Saica nine Akimoto
10. Seven Shihara
10.   .Minegishi
12. 5 Sae . Miyazawa
12.  Ca Komori
12.  Satoei Kitahara
15.  Sayaka Nakatani
15.  Goseong Aki
15.  Cramoti day smell
15.  Yonezawa Rumi
15.  Amisai Sato
20. 3 Sa Misaki
20.  Is it technical change Kikuchi?
20.  Mayumi Uchida
20.  Nito Kiza
20.  Ocmanami
25. 2 Oo Taica
25.  Younoca Katayama
25.  Nateumi Matsubara
25.  Chisato Nakata
25.  Sakiko Matsui
25.  ..Tanabe.. by birth
25.  Nonaka Misato
25.  Haruka Ishida
25.  Tomomi Kasai
25.  Miho Miyazaki
35. 1 Smell of Tsu Dai Ieshi
35.  Tsugumi Maeta
35.  Nacagawahalca
35.  Satolgets Nakatsuka
35.  Konomu of Irod Umeda
35.  Fujie
35.  Nateumi Hirashima
35.  Masuda
35.  Sato violet
35.  Natsuki Sato
35.  Suzuki ball
35.  Kana Kobayashi
35.  Sai Kon'no

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
The copy mail that Tomomi AKB48 Itano had taken with the younger sister by two was opened to the public on the net.
A lot of voices "The younger sister is lovely" go up from users of Tsittar (Twitter) and two channels, etc. who saw this.

Itano : with Tsittar on the second. 「Was the copy Meing taken after a long time with the younger sister?Do you want to see?(BG)」With the comment.
Tsittaryuzar of the multitude replies to this, "I want to see". Two images were opened to the public in shape to answer this request.
The two pieces are here.

The brown hair is Itano, and it is a younger sister that there is a forelock in black hair. Itano becomes 15 years old because of 19 present years old because the younger sister is 4 younger years old and Iu of it in Itano. The contribution "Beautiful woman sisters" and "The younger sister is also lovely" is short runs in Tsittar as soon as this image is open to the public.
Houdai that wants to say in two anonymous channels, "The younger sister is lovelier", "When the younger sister enters, it is perfect and AKB48 is top", and "The younger sister must debut" though a too extreme contribution is not seen because user ID is displayed as for Tsittar. The communication like the comic dialogue "Which was Itano?" and "Which" was seen on the inside.

Eyes of the younger sister in Itano are the feeling of Critsu in the certainty with black hair that assumes and the language "It is lovely" to Too true! suits.
If anything, Itano Shite might be a woman of "It is good-looking" type as the model also digests.
However, will the one to open the family picture to the public so in a dignified manner?
100,000 Tsittar of Itano is following it. The risk that the member of the public opens the photograph of face to the public is high.
Will the younger sister be a spectacle society wish?It looks like fun in case of AKB48 in sisters really.

Japan is good country!
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It reports that Yuko Oshima of AKB48 won 1st place of the wish by the Ameba entertainer and the celebrity blog by own blog.
In the future, it will renew one's purpose when 1st place will be defended to the last though it is Oshima who has competed up to now with Atsuko Maeta of this group and had been contented with 2nd place.

Oshima who had been reporting on the family trip since the new year : in the article "It is glad of gladness" on January 5. 「Amebroranking the first place..gladness... 。。。..*qPД`」「The Kotono person who includes the person pleased any more is glad. We wish to express our gratitude for the fan , saying that There is no pleasure of the person my pleasure.. (´ι_` )".

 Present 2nd place is Maeta who has kept the seat in 1st place up to now though it is Oshima of a be full of nature that defends 1st place to the last.
Can the war of two people that unfolds the dead heat be developed even by the blog even in the general election of AKB48?

In the same article, Oshima publishes the image of Mimisgata Usa connected to the sexagenary cycle in congratulation (?) that wins 1st place.
Is work afterwards does report too gay, and the floatage, worry as the fan a little or ..
The blog by Maeta who has surrendered the head position on the other hand has not been updated yet, and is anxious what reaction the following renewal about you show.

Japan is good country!
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