Miyazawa sae/Uchida mayumi/nakada chisatoの最近のブログ記事

AKB48's Yuko Oshima (22) has opened "It sweated and rolled it up" photograph named Atsuko Maeta (19) to the public.
Red and White New Year's Music Special and 30 in New Year's Eve「It ..the 52th.. shines. Japanese Japan Record Grand Prix」(TB S system)Member of AKB that drinks and rehearses every day.
Oshima「The rehearsal, and sweaty and I. Wara」The two-shot photographs not collected for the fan have been opened to the public.

"Two-shot height of 1 and 2" and "Assist to to Keep up the good job in a pair. " from the fan that sees this entry. 「It fell in love with Gati. Nakabo laughingly. 」The comment that assists in two star people who challenge is drawn in a large stage of year-end and the multitude is drawn.

Japan is good country!
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The center was won by "Toss selection", it responded in Mousa of the theatrical agency including Mayumi Uchida (17) who had turned "Order of Changsu" in 2010, and (18) responded to the exclusive interview Chisato Nakata (20) of belonging AKB48 members and Sayaka Nakatani (19) ..Tanabe.. by birth. Uchida heartily recollects last year and is "2011 even year seem to be this condition, to go, and want to be me fast with piercing Susumu. " , saying that "Became one year that changed terribly in the latter half".
Nakata who received the birthday of 20 years old is enthusiastic , saying that "I want ..more attractive adult.. to do in year when Sagan can be put out". Nakatani set targets "It was possible to climb it as a radio actor" and respectively, and the voice was arranged, "Suitably ..asking stripes.. ..becoming empty.. ! this year" and the smile were shaken, and it reeled it.

Japan is good country!
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