Yukina Kinoshitaの最近のブログ記事

The talent and Yukina Kinoshita that the whereabouts of ardent love with Toshifumi Fujimoto of the comedy duo and FUJIWARA is paid to attention attended the collection of 'Sundae special' opening of TOKYO FM to the public project event held in the ion lake town in Saitama and Koshigaya on the 14th.

Active Kinoshita : as an actress about the co-starring scene of SMAP and Takuya Kimura in TB S system drama 'MR.BRAIN' under appearance. I may be near the face as selfish to See you then ..the hit.., and ..'.. come to like it in the nose?' I do not want must to see. Instinctive Porori.  solvingWhen the voice of "Wisteria lignita Mon (..drinking.. standpoint) was -" and worry from the fan flew, it smiled a wry smile , saying that "Overstated it".


New yukata of ion to which unit and mihimaru GT serve as a pair of campaign character with Kinoshita 'Yukata Magic Party 2009'. Mihimaru GT announced three like CM song "Switch" etc. in the event, and halls that about 4000 people gathered were piled up.

Hiroko of vocal : about memories of summer. Though it went to the person who ..strip.. trows to meet putting on the made yukata for myself because the dress department at the high school. It opened ..terrible.. and the end became regrettable feeling. It was frankly ..Narrator.. comical.


It seems not to be able to be decided yet, Kinoshita who spoke for it to want to take the day off and to go to foreign countries is "Bari or Thailand or Hawaii and Guam ......" in the summer of this year when it is alone. Moreover, the mosquito incense coil is enumerated assuming that it is indispensable in summer. After all, the mosquito incense coil of old shape is good. The shift change was just done from the aroma oil to the mosquito incense coil around last week. With the recommendation. Association with Fujimoto was not especially mentioned to Kimura who co-starred in the drama after all , saying that "Cherish it" though the smile was shown.

The pattern of the event on this day is broadcast by TOKYO FM 'Sundae special' on Sunday, the 21st.


The source is Yukina Kinoshita that announced http://beauty.oricon.co.jp/news/66914/full/yukata appearance.


Japan is good country!
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