Fuko(19) in a Japanese gravure field and the highest bust P cup went in the sale commemoration event of DVD'MIX JUICE' (Japanese media supply) with the Yamagiwa software of Tokyo and Akihabara in a day.

It is done in the studio in Tokyo, and it takes a picture of location with three Ko milk daughters in Sugihara Momohana Kun in one Iromiyabi Kun in Kun Futsuko and K cup and H cups.

Fuko「The under is favorite and I like clothes of short bread in a white bathing suit. Do it shake very much in the man?Masuyo ..it is...  the scene of rope skipping」The work appealed the answer to the expectation.

About the bust of the cup 120 P centimeter「The person level shifted from the second grade of junior high-school. It is, I cup runs at that time, and in from the bra in Hami. It has already thought of. 」It recalled and it talked about a thing at that time.

"Inheritance. " ..big mother, too...

It makes to 2ndDVD and the release of DVD has been decided considerably and popularly until June next year. 
SKYPerfecTV!371ch『Enta. 371』It is understood that Kun Fuko of the topic performs to the breast Feti program 'Palace of π' broadcasting by P cup bust, and the crew immediately obstructs to the movie set and has done the direct hit interview.

- The chance ..the start.. : the public entertainments activity.
「The scout. In Harajuku in Tokyo. Printed in magazine is "Weekly playboy" in November, 2006」

- How about the work of gravure?
「Always ..turgescence..The bathing suit always has a hard time first of all in the small. Do not want to expect going out with Porotsu momentarily became four Tsun corbicula from the standing pose. It is teeny-weeny and lustful in the ordinary feeling like there is no made meaning though often makes by Mr. stylist. 」

- The place in which it changes greatly with me now and one year ago?
(Brassiere and (BG) in front of ..laughter..) that is not suitable of the size, breaks, and rolled up .."... " ..the tidy wearing the undergarment...

- Have it grown so much though the bust of the topic when?
「Is the second grade of junior high-school?The cup has not been originally understood at all though deca was driven from the school child. I think that it wears C or around of that at the elementary school. It was not interesting at all but was small worn what though it became junior high school student's "Pubescence". Therefore, the breast always flew out from the brassiere. Made in Japan might not have been suitable from those days. Isn't there made in Japan saying to I cup?」

【The photo gallery in Kun Futsuko is here ]

- It is at when that noticed in ..deca.. ..saying.. Mune.  exceed 100 centimeters

- The hardship excluding undergarment?
「The dress doesn't enter. Only the breast is Kitsu Kitsu. 」

- Does the big breast become arms and do it take an active part working about gravure?
「It is so. Because it is possible to use it by the surprise, (BG) breast Feti too more strapping, more interesting person. 」

- The customer's reaction by event?
「It ..".. assists. "is only "Decai" and (BG) ..holding out.. when thinking saying. 」

- Was it .... glad to recommend of 'Ametorc' of the telecast?
"It is glad to be fiddled because the breast of Nambo. "

- Does this year's target : though it is thought that it gets into the news gone 3, 5, 6, 7, September, and DVD further?
「It goes out to the ground wave. I want to be fiddled by the variety and to roll it up. I want to go out to CM. I wanted to go out to McDonald's CM. 'Mega-Mac' and the breast is Dorn. . Only with milk though it is good」

'Palace of π' in which Kun Futsuko performs is SKYPerfecTV!. It begins to broadcast on "Enta 371' of 371ch April 17. 
Fuuko(19) of the gravure idol who had the bust of the cup 120 P centimeter was decided to debut majors with the CD, and it announced by own blog.

I hear this cash dispenser debut is a comedy trio of the sound material specialty that uses musical instruments etc. according to the blog, and it is the same also in CM song of ice cream Ghali Ghali Herr of the Chicheng dairy product industry as known Pocascajan (WAHAHA-Hompo belonging). It seems to have looked forward to Kun Futsuko since now such as the recordings and the process variable taking a picture that will start in the future. The preparation is like everything , saying that "There was Takai Voi tray Shite". 



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