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Yashiro minase

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In "Image.tv gravure Net" of portal site MouRa that Kodansha Publishers Ltd. manages, notice assignment of taking the lower photograph of it is possible to consider Yasshiro.

A slender body of 165cm appears in "Image.tv gravure Net" to deliver popular idol's taking lower photograph and broadband moving image and being possible to consider Yasshiro about the charm appears. Consider that every duality is curvaceously expressed in Yashiro if you are man. Which is her true on earth?A plump bust of 88cm that seems to spill from the small bathing suit is attention, too.

The attention fee is 1,050 yen a month. Partially, the sample image and the moving image have been disclosed free of charge.

(Kosuke Orimoto @RBB 2009 March 17th 17:37 of)



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