Norika Fujiwaraの最近のブログ記事

The actress and Norika Fujiwara were done in NHK in Tokyo and Shibuya on the 22nd.
Starring drama "Tsre comes to strike it. " of this bureau. (Three all times from the 29th. Later on Friday 10.00)It drank, it attended Nahirou interview, and the understanding of the mood depression was requested.

The drama is the imaging lingua one as for Mr. Hosokawa Tenten's comic essay.
Norika Fujiwara that performs the wife who devotedly supports it though it is puzzled to the husband and the discernment (Taizo Harada) that got the mood depression
「It performed it while putting out feelings in the round. If many people can deepen knowledge to the mood depression alone」It appealed.


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