Nakagawa Syoukoの最近のブログ記事

Talent and Nakagawa Syouko(24) would be appointed to event "Amusement park in Tokyo Dome the City "Magical summer of"" of summer of the Tokyo Dome City (July 18th - September 13th) as "Cupid post" and it attended the press release done in Tokyo on the 20th.

Nakagawa is scheduled to do the produce etc. of production and the cafe of the theme song and the symbol objet by the event to which the love activity is promoted by using Sonochi's attraction.
Nakagawa that appeared with clothes that treat the heart of having imaged the clione appeals together with the word , saying that "Love is obtained with the buccal tablet cone like the clione that goes out of the head the tentacle and eats food".
The same place : in the place of memories that the fleet one is gone after from about the small. 「(attraction)It is a dream to do a Sillago sihama hot on the Sky flower. I also take advantage and it holds out. 」It talked about "".

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