Kitano Kiiの最近のブログ記事 Kii .actor..Sano..Kazumasa..catastrophe.

It agrees for Kitano and Sano to discuss immediately after the report went out, and to separate according to the affiliate.
It is Iu when having reported to both belonging offices before Kitano publishes the blog of the apology aiming at the fan.

Two people associate taking the opportunity of co-starring in the drama in cellular phone exclusive use broadcasting station "Bee TV" of the crank in in May.
The photograph in which it kissed by photograph magazine "Friday" of the sale on the road on the ninth this month, and it played each other was published, and the appearance that entered the hotel in Shibuya was witnessed, too.

Kitano apologizes for this report by the blog on the 15th, "Deeply reflect taking a thoughtless action without firmly understanding the standpoint of thoughtlessness and me of thing and my behavior that has damaged you very much".
In addition, it was assumed, "It distinguished, and would hold out because of the first priority in work in the future".

Participation in location all together because the collection of the co-starring drama after the lingua of the catastrophe had been left.
It is Iu when having taken a picture of the co-starring scene according to original of the heightened state of alert and schedule at first by the staff though two people who change radically from the lover, and have become free costars.

The belonging office of Kitano comments, "Being going being to comment by the blog is all" about the catastrophe.
Sano's office is assumed to be "The detail is not understood because it is private".

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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