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The immorality with ..mountain path representative of APF news agency Toru.. (49) became in the talent and Motoo of Miyoko Omomo (45) and clarified talent and Kuniko (48) became layups on the fifth when it served as the regular on Wednesday ..TB S system "Leech wearing" of broadcasting (11:00AM of Monday - Friday)...
It is thought the appearance self-imposed control by a series of riot though TBS is assumed to be "Winter break fully this week".
The compensation for the immorality was still large.

The appearance of "Leech wearing" of on the 12th next week is undecided and Iu according to the affiliate.
"At present Fita Hanai" and it is negative to the belonging office of though there is a possibility of Fita, too.
It is Iu when judged, "I want to see the situation next week so that the trouble should not hang to the staff" because reporters are concentrated in the bureau in the riot.

Report life program "NEWS glaze +" of the ABC television that serves as the regular on the fourth is absent from because of the winter break, too.
Next week's appearance is assumed to be "Mite decides the situation".

And Mr. mountain path's immoralities expose with Tsittar on December 19 last year by Omomo, and are deployments in the situation where three people hold the interview.
Remarried to Motoo, Mr. Teruhiko, composer Matsumoto (47), and Mr. mountain path who had divorced Omomo after it had divorced, and it was ..November last year.. ..catastrophe.. clarified.

After the riot occurs, the silence of Omomo and on Tsittar.
Mr. mountain path : while apologizing on December 30, "The trouble and worry were very put".
It made an excuse , saying that "I cannot talk by morality in the much more because there were neither a reason nor a rationale there as coming to the favor of the person of love or love".

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
The existence of "Lover" is a rapid floating lingua on the 11th in foundation Ayano "" of the Techno unit and Perfume that debuts to the segregation doing and the Red and White New Year's Music Special of last year (20).
Weekly photograph magazine "Friday" of the sale reports on "Staying love" with the musician on the 12th.

Vocal guitar and Horieatsshi (30) of rock band "STRAIGHTENER (stray tenor)" were taken and after participation, the scene etc. that visited the apartment house of alone were taken together by several parties.
The belonging office of foundation comments, "It is heard one of the friends with a good relations through music".

The source is foundation Ayano "" of Perfume http://www.sanspo.   com/geino/images/090612/gna0906120503000-p1.jpg STRAIGHTENER.NET
Notice assignment start of new song "Depression of business is !" of SEAMO with the arrival song.
When this tune is downloaded now, Father's Day Decome is presented as a limited time privilege.
"Depression of business is !" is appointed to the campaign song of the Xbox 360 summer.
This depression of business called one degree in 100 years ..Music it and can be energetic economic recovery song.. has been finished.

Moreover, the shade of meaning of the SEAMO style "Father's Day song" is put in this tune, and the yell is sent to fathers who are holding out when mesne of the depression. When "Depression of business is !" is downloaded in present Recochoc commemorating this, it presents Decometemprat of "Usual thank you for father". Because here is a limited time privilege until Father's Day (June 21), download : to bringing forward.

At present, the cash dispenser release of "Depression of business is !" is undecided.
"MOTHER" being fixed watched as "Mother's Day song" It keeps being loved by the extending fan similar, the new song long, too.

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