Kuraki MAIの最近のブログ記事

New song 'Beautiful' of Kuraki MAI of the sale won 1st place with an Oricon daily chart on the tenth.
The South Korean composer provides the tune directly for a Japanese singer with Sung Yanha as for the composition of this work, and this time becomes the first in the first Oricon daily chart place as for the log lingua.

It is a pop columnist in South Korea and - Cheung Anogeissus acuminata also who is the music critic is own blog, and composer's Yu Anogeissus acuminata gin is ..this news.. ..taking up.. ..".. ..east god.. ..causing.. Iu as for 1st place of a daily chart of Oricon ..single.. though was the log lingua thing.

..Entering to Japan in the field of composition should have been a difficult challenge ..the South Korean singers' advancement to Japan.. though not surprised too much recently".. comment.

The tune of Sung Yanha that overflowed in the emotion and the originality of South Korea continuously met the singing voice that Kuraki Asaginu is beautiful and ..".. brought fantastic results.

Piano..stringed instrument..based on..rhythm..the..inside..South Korea..ballade..sensibility..exquisiteness..intertwine..point.

It was described, It was not imagined that the meaning of the language Yo during "" that had been learnt in the school days was newly found in such a place".

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


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