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The consolidated statement of the 1st quarter at the period on March, 2011 that the major public entertainments professional and Horipro announced was 2.3 corresponding ratio to the previous year time 482 million yen the operating income, twice 553 million yen the ordinary income, and 3.9 time 367 million in the net profit yen.

This is received, and the amendment of the expectation at the period on September, 2011.
The top line was hiked to 9 billion 903 million yen from the expectation 9 billion 431 million yen conventionally, the operating income was hiked to 848 million yen from 482 million yen respectively, the ordinary income was hiked to 949 million yen from 551 million yen, and the net profit was hiked from 304 million yen to 564 million yen.

Though the media industry segments such as TV that directly receive bulling the market the advertisement reduction
The starlet's such as Mr. Ayase Haruka, Satomi Ishihara, and Kyoko Fukada gaining power of this company was remarkable, and in comedy,-old-timer covered, and Funakoshi Eiichiro of Mr. et al. supported the drama by stable ability.

Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
TB S system "MR.BRAIN"(soil and 19:56-)

Takuya's Kimura drama with the serial drama annihilated is a sign-on more and more.
"MR.BRAIN" Schedule of senary all stories. It did not drag on in the deployment and it went out to the strategy made Gutsu and a thick drama.

Day..audience rating..daytime..Mitokomon..)..prime time..including..program..more than..story..laugh..affiliate..laugh..serious situation.

It is already desperate in the Pulmonary regurgitation. "MR.BRAIN"1 color all day long is scheduled in program Jac early morning on the watch Semban class of two "MR.BRAIN Nabis" hours broadcast on the 17th, the TBS regular program, and that day of the guest appearance multitude and broadcasting. The imposing several time the time advertisement is pouring it away in six-all story only about six and a half-hour-drama.

Attention : we to targets.   Of course..Ayase Haruka..greatly.being said of every day that is treated as subject of an experiment by Kimura, and played with
Ige ..junior high school student boy.. drove Yul .... still as for "Milk volleyball".
Strength is requested to sadistic Kimura. "Embarrassment face" where Ayase greatly buds attracts it. So. Ares made Director-General by "Hotalnohicari" by all means.

Naturally, the staff of Kimura's drama is also gorgeous. The scenario is Maita Mitsuharu of "TRICK".
Moreover, it is Yoshiko Morishita of "Love is called out at the center of the world" and a luxurious combination with the scenario cooperation.

However, the dish and the drama are the same as can not necessarily do a delicious thing even if a gorgeous food is used. The freshness of the material is important. Kimura indeed arrives to the region of the fermented food in Hilo Mizushima. It is expected that excess by the audience rating 30% is severe.

Next week's Doraota is "MR.BRAIN". The consequence report and the contents of our audience rating expectation are scheduled to be criticized to Borocso.

【 Doraota analysis ]Audience rating expectation first time: 26.4% http://www.zakzak.co.jp/gei/200905/g2009052117_all.html


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