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"Lake town wedding" that became the first attempt in this facilities was held, and about 100,000 shoppers blest the bride and bridegroom' marriages at 8/8 (Saturday).

It is Canberre Chris and Sachiko to hold this day wedding who manages the English conversation class in Sango.
At first, in the central internal steak house, two people who had hoped for the expression not caught in the form seem to have thought only about the party. However, the mind is moved to Mr. of the steak house manager when consulting Hagio, and it consults if facilities cannot be used for the lake town. The first "Wedding in the shopping center" in this facilities came to clear up in the lake town's consenting willingly and having recruited the cooperation tenant and to be done.

The cooperation store is various like the flower shop, the jewelry shop, and the photograph pavilion and the beauty parlor, etc."The total coordination can be done" and bride's Sachiko was able to be usually received besides the ornament of the aggregate amount that cannot be seen 200 million yen is prepared and to receive cooperation that surprisingly and is warm. A lot of tenants gathered, and it became the expression only of the shopping center exactly.
In the ion lake town that opened last October, a peculiar event such as the walking events that walk in facilities has been held so far. It will be Iu in this facilities when the future when thinking about the wedding in the center when there is an applicant. 【 Tokyo walker ]

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Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!
"Happiness" new work DVD of no girl junior high school student Aita ring Nachi sale commemoration event was held in Sofmap music cash dispenser pavilion 4F event space of Tokyo and Akihabara.

Ring Nachi of the second event of this year already. It was in the third grade of junior high-school between the last events.
It is joyfully said, anxiety "A lot of new members enter the tea ceremony part and the plane senior is said", and junior high school student Life that seems to be happy is sent and , saying that "Study became it very much".
A relieved breath in way to talk settled by not seeming the junior high school student in the glance and the tone of voice.  an Aita plane contents that is still curious and in the third grade of junior high-school though the figure to be precocious

In the taking a picture Thymus vulgaris, the hands and feet who expanded elongate were announced generously, the expression like the adult was enchanted in addition, and the showing fans were enchanted.

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