Kobayashi Yuriの最近のブログ記事

Shock information that the former Miss young magazine debuted with the work of entertainer restrictive manufacturer "MUTEKI" was obtained.
When coverage was advanced, it turned out that it was gravure idol and Kobayashi Yuri (22). In space, this paper opened a sexy schott that hit the producer directly, and did the monopoly obtaining to the public.

After having won the Miss young magazine in 2005, Kobayashi in 94-centimeter H cup suddenly attracted attention as "Active service high school girl gravure idol" with the whip whip body. It returned in 08 though "Love love schott" with the boyfriend was published in the photograph magazine, and it had taken a rest temporarily.


Japan is good country!
PLEASE come here!


このページには、過去に書かれたブログ記事のうちKobayashi Yuriカテゴリに属しているものが含まれています。

前のカテゴリはKitano Kiiです。

次のカテゴリはNaomi Kawashimaです。