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"Lake town wedding" that became the first attempt in this facilities was held, and about 100,000 shoppers blest the bride and bridegroom' marriages at 8/8 (Saturday).

It is Canberre Chris and Sachiko to hold this day wedding who manages the English conversation class in Sango.
At first, in the central internal steak house, two people who had hoped for the expression not caught in the form seem to have thought only about the party. However, the mind is moved to Mr. of the steak house manager when consulting Hagio, and it consults if facilities cannot be used for the lake town. The first "Wedding in the shopping center" in this facilities came to clear up in the lake town's consenting willingly and having recruited the cooperation tenant and to be done.

The cooperation store is various like the flower shop, the jewelry shop, and the photograph pavilion and the beauty parlor, etc."The total coordination can be done" and bride's Sachiko was able to be usually received besides the ornament of the aggregate amount that cannot be seen 200 million yen is prepared and to receive cooperation that surprisingly and is warm. A lot of tenants gathered, and it became the expression only of the shopping center exactly.
In the ion lake town that opened last October, a peculiar event such as the walking events that walk in facilities has been held so far. It will be Iu in this facilities when the future when thinking about the wedding in the center when there is an applicant. 【 Tokyo walker ]

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I wanted to marry if there was meeting.  because I did not want to marry however either City Social Welfare Conference association for the first time talked to the self-ridicule feeling.

The problem of making to single of progressing among young people was actualized with the language "".
It depresses it in each political party manifesto of House of Representatives election it doesn't depress it to the marriage though the character of "Countermeasures to the falling birthrate" and "Child-nurturing support" dances.

The man knows the existence of the this company association that holds the match making party with the net in September, and determines. The belle amie marries, joint party decreases, too and there is no place of meeting. Regular member of manufacture. The net profit is about 200,000 yen.
 「If it is one person, ten minutes. However, it digs into one's purse to education expense when marrying. Is it one person after all though wanted by two children?If the economic environment picks up, it is impossible to support the wife and children as today though the number of salaries increases by overtime duties. I think that non-regular is more serious. 」
 The appeal for the political party "Child-nurturing support is enhanced" doesn't sound in a hazy mind.

The change appeared in the man compared with the investigation five years ago when a single reason (multiple answer) was asked to the single person by the investigation that Shizuoka Prefecture did this spring. "Economic reason that the deficiency of the wedding fund and the management of the household after it had married meant very much" increased from 22% to 35% while a lot of "It has not come across the suitable partner yet" that was decreased from 57% to 46%, and there were 14.2%"Work is not stable (non-regular employment etc.)" of new establishment.

It doesn't marry according to the whereabouts of the economic environment for economic reasons, and there is a possibility that the number of men who cannot do increases, too.
Many of generations have seen the back of parents who walked in high economic growth. The increase in wages curve was proportional to going on to school of the marriage ..under the lifelong employment system and seniority.., birth, and the child and the ranging Life stages. Collapse of the economic bubble afterwards. The globalization surged, and the Koizumi structural reform appeared.

Man office worker who is inspecting loan condition card of marriage request woman of same city company association (42). It is urged, and it is Takara and Iu in father who upset one's health that started , saying that "(To the company association) Go". 「Because the parents' nursing was started, it thought quite. By which it might be nursed when it grows old like single of whom. It got an anxiety when thinking so. 」(excerpt)

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